Tattoo armor - a full description, options sketches for men, where to score, creative photo ideas

Among all kinds of newfangled ideas for tattoo pictures of shields, armor and armor are very popular. They are well highlight the advantages of the male figure, relief and strength. In addition, tattoo armor and armor for men in a realistic style look impressive and impressive, giving the image of brutality.

According to the nachal sketch can always tell a lot about a man, including if the skin depicts lats. On what version, with what symbols and additional characters they are depicted, largely depends on the sacred meaning and semantic load of the tattoo. The article will offer the best ideas with photos and tips from the masters.

Tattoo with armor, lats for men. Realistic and stylized images

Most masters emphasize that armor is always the choice of courageous and brutal guys, some of them may be fond of combat sports, others - weapons, others in this way demonstrate their readiness to defend themselves. Due to the enormous popularity of armor is depicted in a variety of ways.

The most common sketches with armor in the style of realism are as follows:

Armor on the shoulder. A protective tattoo, keeping away from trouble and adversity, a source of physical strength and self-confidence.

Lats with an animal - A man associates himself with this beast, and the armor is needed to protect against vices, weaknesses, and temptations.

The armor and the flower are. a protective symbol, guarding in fact a vulnerable and fragile nature. Perhaps the man is a support and pillar for the beloved, wife or family.

The armor and sword emphasizes the militancy and determination of the wearer, who is always ready to move forward and defend himself against enemies and attacks.

Japanese armor - lightning speed, readiness for self-sacrifice to save one's honour, balance, self-confidence and self-restraint.

Slavic chain mail - hints at neglecting danger in favor of one's comfort and freedom.

Expert Opinion

Viola Madison

Master of Tattoo, 8 years experience

For unconventional and creative guys there are many fantasy and animalistic variants of execution of tattoos with armor. This can be different animals in armor, birds, fish and even insects with a shield and more. The meaning of such nailokolok will be more decorative, rather than sacred and symbolic.

A bit of history

No matter how perfect a creation of nature the human body is, it is just as fragile as our natural weapons. Therefore, as soon as more dangerous weapons appeared, man had to think about how to defend himself against them. At first the skin, bones and horns of slaughtered animals were used for this purpose. After humans began to make advances in metalworking, armor made of rings and scales appeared, which later evolved into one-piece lats.

It is interesting that lats armor began to be produced by the Romans, but in the early Middle Ages these technologies were forgotten for some reason, and in the development of protective armor was taken a step back. By the way, for tattoos, gladiator armor is chosen quite often. The roots of gladiator history go back to the traditions of Etruscan burial rites. The usual sacrifices, apparently, seemed to them not spectacular enough. So two slaves (in some cases even free men) were chosen to fight to the death at the tomb of the deceased - both to sacrifice and to amuse the people.

When gladiatorial fights became a popular spectacle, many slaves aspired to join gladiatorial schools. The grueling training and harsh living conditions meant that not all students survived, but the temptation to enter the arena, win the love of the audience and get a chance to gain their freedom was too great. Sometimes the meaning of the tattoo gladiator armor and boils down to the fact that the person is ready to wade through thorns to the stars, to take any risk to change their fate.

If you choose to tattoo Roman armor, there are many options: from a loincloth and a club to a whole cuirass and a sword.

There are also tattoos of knightly armor. Given how much the image of the knight was romanticized, this is not surprising. The first knights appeared as early as the 8th century with the Franks. They were modelled on the Roman mounted army, but their armament, including the straight long sword with which knights were traditionally depicted, came from the nomads - the Sarmatians, the Ostgoths and the Huns.

The moral ideal of the knight was created not so much by representatives of this class as by poets and the church. During the Crusades, the knight has come to be considered not just a valiant vassal of his suzerain, but also a defender of the Christian faith. That is why it is not so rare to find a tattoo of armor on your arm, for example.

What does this tattoo give a man for self-affirmation?

Originally, men began to use real armor and metal to defend themselves against injuries in battle. Which warriors resorted to this kind of help:

  • gladiators - the Romans wore them; similar designs today are associated with captivity, coercion, and circumstances that force one to defend oneself;
  • knights - they were needed for protection against blows, arrows, swords, accordingly, such designs were juxtaposed with fights for women's honor;
  • Japanese - wore lats for foot defense and keiko for riding, and kozan-do still survives as a ceremonial uniform;
  • Slavs - steel plates on a leather base, mittens and chainmail, which were worn by bogatyrs, respectively, such drawings are associated with bogatyr strength and power.

Do you like lats tattoos?


Due to such different types of armor and the way they are performed in the form of a tattoo, several designations of such designs are provided today. Namely:

  1. Hardness - The man sticks to principles, nothing will break his faith in himself and his preconceptions. For his truth and idea, he is ready to go into fire and into water.
  2. Power - In addition to the fact that the man was born with a strong and strong spirit, he is ready for any heroic deeds for the sake of the goal, inherent in him honor and truthfulness.
  3. Determination - The owner of such a tattoo does not know what fear and doubt, he is ready to achieve his goals step by step, he knows what he wants.

It is these qualities should have a man whose body will depict the armor. This is a prerequisite, so that there is no internal dissonance between the tattoo and the owner.

Historical reference

Armor is called special clothing, the main purpose of which is to protect the wearer from the blows of the enemy. As a warrior had to fight with enemies who possessed different kinds of cold steel weapons (sharp spears and swords), so the uniform was created in a special way. A set of lats weighed from 20 to 30 kilos, so it was very difficult to move even for men with an enviable physical form. The knight's armor, which was used during tournaments, was even more massive. To absorb blows, shirts made of natural fabrics were worn under the chainmail, which also reduced friction. It is noteworthy that even horses had protective clothing - a bard. It was made of metal and covered the head, neck and sides of the animal to make it invulnerable to the enemy.

Not every knight could afford to have a full set of clothes and protective attributes like a shield and a special helmet. Rare wearers were considered elite and mostly had numerous awards and titles for military merit. With the advent of firearms, the need for armor disappeared of its own accord. To recreate the unique atmosphere of the Middle Ages, today organize numerous historical festivals. Everyone can feel like a real knight, wearing armor and armed with a sword or spear.

On what places men most often apply tattoos with armor

Sketches with realistic execution of shields and armor are rapidly increasing in popularity and demand among the stronger sex. And if initially they were stuffed mainly on the forearm and shoulder, today they decorate almost the entire body, starting with the neck, ending with the legs.


The image of armor on the shoulder acts as a visual and internal protection from life's hardships, unpleasantness and trouble. The analogy did not arise from nothing, because in the past such armor was used only for defense, though more physical.


Pictures with armor look cool and on the forearm, especially if executed together with Polynesian ornaments or Slavic amulets. Fascinating spectacle will be an imitation of the lats under the skin in the style of biomechanics, when the mechanisms seem to "sink" into the flesh.

Tattoo on the wrist

In some cases, it is only on the wrist, much more often the imitation of metal is in addition to the whole composition, overlapping the entire hand.

Tattoos on the palm, hand and fingers

As the hands are the most mobile part of the body, any drawings here will always be in the spotlight. Lats with patterns and ornaments will look original and epic, which will also visually "move" while moving the hands.

Tattoo sleeve

The most common idea today is armor in the form of a sleeve. The sleeve overlaps the skin around the entire circumference of the arm, often in this way men hide the failed previous work of inexperienced masters.


For the neck in past eras and centuries of wars and battles provided separate types of armor - gorget. It was intended to protect exclusively the neck and the voice of the man, so such motifs are applied to this part of the body more often than usual.


On the chest such tattoos will be a talisman against risks and dangers to health and life. Clear detailing and competent portrayal of shadows and light will bring the imitation armor as close to the original as possible.


On the side, this idea is rarely executed in its own right. Much more often here they draw an addition to the sketch that began on the chest.


Through tattoos on the thighs men rarely show brutality and courage, but rather express love for themselves, their hobbies and other people. If there are going to be lats here, they will be a detail of an entire composition along the entire leg.


Tattoo in the form of armor or their elements on the back is a popular idea, which has a certain meaning - protection from external aggression, self-confidence, belief in their truth and strength.


Separately on the scapula, the lats will look shallow and incomplete sketch. As a rule, here they pass from the composition covering the shoulder. Such drawings will help get rid of fears, doubts and insecurities.


Large, complex compositions resembling sleeves will look spectacular on the legs. Here, such plots will help to strengthen faith in yourself and hope for a bright future.


The armor certainly looks very unusual and spectacular. Medieval knights wore generic armor for protection during battles. Tattoo with the image of armor is also a kind of protection from adversity and trouble. But you should not confuse such a tattoo with an image of a knight in armor. Perhaps this figure was made in places of punishment. In prison, tattoos with knights are made by people prone to cruelty, despotism and sadism.

tattoo armor armor

Are there recommendations for tattoos with lats and armor?

To ensure that the tattoo does not become a fatal mistake for a man, it is important to consider a few basic criteria:

  • sketch - Despite the availability of many cool ideas on the Internet and in the arsenal of artists, you need to make your own individual author's sketch;
  • the purpose and objective of the tattoo - Before scoring a patch of skin with lats and shields, a man must formulate why he needs it, what he expects from the drawing;
  • emotional message - when drawing up a sketch and choosing a style, colors of execution, it is necessary to understand what emotions and impressions should plunge the spectator of the tattoo;
  • The scale and proportions. The more space you have on your skin, the bigger the tattoo will be, the bigger the design, the thicker and more frequent will be the lines, strokes and other details;
  • price - High quality body art will cost a lot of money, it is better to be prepared for the costs in advance.

Important! Before starting work, the master must test the dyes used for allergic reactions. This is especially important if color sketches are supposed to be performed.

Who is suitable for

The lats tattoo looks aggressive and brutal. Women who wish to look feminine should pay attention to other symbols. The approach to the choice of drawing may be associated with the desire of the wearer to give himself a stimulus to strengthen the spirit.

Immediately stipulate, it is better for people with an overly lean build to refuse the idea of padding the lats. Its appearance will only emphasize the dryness of the figure. If there is a desire to depict protective equipment, it is better to choose drawings with leather counterparts.

Profitable looks tattoo lats on a pumped up body. Inscribed in relief, the image acquires stylish features. More often than not, the priority technique is realism. The image created on the skin creates a sense of all-crushing power. The theme suits strong personalities, persevering in their success.

Surprisingly, the theme is suitable for overweight people. A competently composed sketch will correct the visual perception. Men with a Slavic or Scandinavian type of appearance are ideally suited to the elements of Viking protection with Celtic script.

How to choose a sketch of a tattoo with armor in relation to the place on the body?

How to pick up a drawing with armor, if a man knows exactly on what place of the body he wants to wear a tattoo? In this case, the principle of proportionality will help, ie:

  • arms and legs - Sleeves and large complex compositions, overlapping the most of the free space are appropriate here;
  • chest and back - a spacious canvas on the body will allow to combine lats with additional symbols, characters, inscriptions, etc;
  • shoulders, forearms, shoulder blades - it is better to give preference to moderate drawings on the scale and complexity of detail;
  • hands, wrists, palms of hands and neck - armor is rarely depicted in small sections, and only when it is in addition to the main subject on the arms, shoulders.

A special importance in the choice of place on the body and the intended tattoo plays a professional activity of a man. Some professions do not accept body art, in which case preference is given to secluded corners of the body.


Carefully familiarize yourself with the work of the master, to whom you plan to sign up. If possible, try to meet with a couple of his clients to assess the quality of the tattoo after time. It is ideal to choose a body artist that your friends or acquaintances have approached.

Do not consume alcohol before your visit to the master. There will still be no analgesic effect, but it will complicate the work of the specialist. After alcohol, small wounds bleed more, which means that most of the paint will wash out and a thick crust will form.

Choose your sketch responsibly. Discuss it with the master, perhaps some nuances can not be conveyed accurately.

Large tattoo is not done in one session. So prepare in advance to allocate time for 2-4 trips to the salon.

And lastly, a tattoo is a small puncture of the skin. And for them, as for any wound, you need care. The master will give you the necessary recommendations, which are very important to observe if you want to keep the picture clear.

Styles and colors that are popular for lats tattoo in 2018-2019.

The same picture can be beaten in a huge number of variations and styles. The armor is most often drawn by experienced masters in the following formats:

realism - As close to the original as possible;

old school - Classics of the genre from the 20th century, characterized by thick edging and variegated colors;

ornamental - Polynesian style, characterized by patterns, ornaments in a gloomy color scheme;

3D - three-dimensional three-dimensional drawings with the illusion of perception of space;

Dotwork - dotty work, which implies a soft and realistic pattern;

blackwork - Rough, masculine works with a predominance of black paint.

The main emphasis of a specialist in the creation of a body image is made on gloomy shades and black. Other shades close to black - gray, brown, steel, etc. - are supplemented less frequently.

Features of symbols in military themes

It is possible to depict belligerent characters in different poses:

  • A symbol of loyalty and honor, will be a gladiator or a bogatyr kneeling, if the head is lowered, then grief and loss,
  • With upward sword or axe, the picture of a warrior symbolizes the joy of victory, triumph. Inspiration for exploits and actions.
  • The image of the ancient warrior on horseback, is a symbol of the conqueror, the conqueror.
  • The knight with a rose on his sword became invulnerable in battle. The rose inspired hope for victory and gave confidence.

Symbols that can be combined with a tattoo of armor

Symbolism in such works is rarely used, because the armor with what can be harmonized and combined a little. But the following additions are still appropriate:

  • sword - protection, aggression, courage;
  • cross - tolerance and faith;
  • flowers - romance, emotion, purity;
  • flame - passion, impetuosity;
  • eye - symbol of profound knowledge, the gift of divination;
  • skull - deters risks to life;
  • anchor - a firm stance and prejudice.

Also in such sketches are added inscriptions, hieroglyphs, secret signs from ancient writings, runes and more. Their meaning will depend on the correct translation.

The meaning of the Vikings in the natal drawings

Male images of warriors of the Nordic coast, can hardly be perceived as body decoration. Because they display more the essence of the man, his inner world and fullness. Tattoos of the Scandinavian Vikings can be seen as a form of information transmission: about the strength of character, physical strength, inflexibility of spirit and will. The harsh climate intersects with the temperament, gloomy and calm. The abundance of weapons, fur clothing and armor, make the overall picture is massive and richly dark. Drawing, as a rule, is quite voluminous and occupies large areas, you should not ignore this point, if you are not distinguished by large forms. In not uncommon cases, their images become a symbol of the sports team, which is sometimes the reason to choose as a tattoo.

In Scandinavian mythology there is also a female theme in the form of Valkyries, wives of fallen warriors in battle. In this case, on a girl will look appropriate similar work. It may not make any sense, except as a decoration of the body. The most optimal place, will take the image of a mourning Valkyrie on her sleeve.

The image of the samurai warrior, meaning.

Samurai are known to us as self-sacrificing fighters, adept with the sword, skilled in hand-to-hand combat, have extraordinary speed and reaction. This concept has a rather deep meaning based on honor, devotion to an idea, and loyalty to values. The decision to get a tattoo of a Japanese warrior means following the basic rules, adhering to their code, and respecting tradition. The main principles of the samurai, at all times, have remained:

  • Honoring the ancestors,
  • Perfection of one's body,
  • Devotion,
  • Selflessness.

There is a rather deep meaning in the drawing the way of the warrior (Bushido). It looks like three vertical symbols meaning "warrior", "man", "path". Can be an independent image or as a signature to the main picture, for a stronger message. Such tattoos are usually large in size in order to convey all the information in the picture of his idea and essence. Stuffed pertinent image of Samurai on the shoulder back or stomach. For women such a theme has nothing to do.


For women

For men