"The dream of a tattoo monopoly. Interview with the creator of the tattoo studio "OMUT"

Tattoo master Perm: tips for choosing the true professional

Our portal will help everyone who, using the search query tattoo master Perm, looking for a real professional, able to bring to life any idea. Our site presents a unique rating of all the cool tattoo artists working in Perm.

tattoo master perm

But we do not impose anyone on you - you decide whom to contact. For this purpose simply study the information about the master:

  • In what style do you work;
  • what examples of his work is ready to provide;
  • What reviews about his work have written by previous clients.

This is already enough to draw conclusions about what exactly the level has a particular tattoo artist in Perm.

Tattoo master Perm: a few tips on how to make the right choice

Decided to get a tattoo and have already convinced yourself that you can not live without a body drawing? In this case, it is worth proceeding to find a good tattoo master. Today, there are not too few people who offer similar services. However, to navigate among them is not so easy. Especially for someone who has never done a tattoo before and does not know what to pay special attention to.

It is clear that ideally you should go through salons. At a minimum, walk through establishments located in your area. So you will be able to get preliminary information about the quality of services provided.

The most important thing to know in the salon

Although there is quite a logical question: "Here I came to the salon, and then what? There are a few things to pay special attention to.

First of all, check how clean the salon is. After all, it's about your health! Because during the drawing the needle pierces the skin, wounds are obtained, blood is manifested. If the salon does not adhere to sanitary and hygienic requirements, there is a risk of infection.

Therefore, it is important that the masters working in a particular institution, strictly observe all features of hygiene:

  • worked in disposable gloves;
  • used disinfectants and appropriate preparations;
  • do not mix paints;
  • used disposable needles that can be opened in the presence of the client.

By the way!
It is desirable that the tissues are also already prepared and lie stacked on the table. If the handyman uses a common roll of tissues or paper towels, there is a risk of cross-contamination.

Not following hygienic norms and rules is, at the very least, hepatitis. But there are other infectious dangers waiting for you.

Examples of work or a portfolio

Portfolio is an excellent indicator of the level of professionalism of the master. On him you can understand how qualified a specialist is in front of you. When looking at examples of work, keep in mind the following points:

  • The styles in which the master works;
  • The clarity and continuity of the contours;
  • The uniformity of filling the picture with colors;
  • the selection of colors;
  • Observance of proportions.

If you have any comments or you simply do not like the style of the master, look for another specialist.

Pay attention!
You should not trust the master, who promises that he will make a quality tattoo in any style. In fact such "multistanachnikov" does not exist simply by definition. Because each individual tattooist specializes in specific styles.

In addition, a good tattoo artist in Perm will never take up a questionable sketch with low artistic value. He will definitely tell you what and how to change, fix it, so that the work turns out really cool.

By the way, where to make a sketch?

Separately, let's talk about where and how to make a tattoo sketch. It can be developed by the master, chosen by you. He will listen to your wishes and draw a bright and unusual drawing. It is desirable to provide examples of work that inspires you - this will allow the master to better understand exactly what you want.

But simply copying someone else's sketches one after the other is a bad rule of thumb. In addition, such work was created taking into account the specific wishes and style of the customer and there is a high probability that they simply will not suit you.

And in general, think - whether it is pleasant to you to meet on the street of the person, with the same, as at you tattoo? Not likely! So do not engage in banal theft.

Talk to the master

Before booking a session, talk to the master. This will also allow you to understand his level of qualification. If he is a professional, he will tell you about all the peculiarities of the procedure, will answer all the questions and give advice/recommendations.

According to the level of answer it is easy to understand the professionalism of the tattooist, his attitude towards his work and his clients.

Also pay attention to how much you enjoy communicating with the person. After all, a session often lasts for several hours (sometimes you need two or three, or even more sessions) and if you do not like the way the person talks, if he is unpleasant to you, then every session will turn into a true agony. Not only physically, but also morally.

The cost of the master's work

It should be understood that cheap work equals low quality. A good, experienced, qualified tattoo artist will never be cheap. After all, in addition to the cost of his work he needs to "repay" the price of supplies, the cost of renting the salon.

If the "master" takes suspiciously cheap, probably in front of you is a novice, after his work you will have to remove the partak.

But turning to a specialist who charges a high price for his services, you can count on:

  • a quality image;
  • a bright picture;
  • an adequate attitude;
  • protection from infection.

Coming to our website on the request "tattoo master Perm", you can be sure that only true professionals are waiting for you here. After all, we carefully check each tattooist before including him in our catalog. After getting acquainted with the presented masters, you will definitely find the one who suits you and is able to satisfy your requirements and create a drawing corresponding to your ideas about an unusual tattoo.

"The Dream of Tattoo Monopoly. Interview with the creator of the OMUT tattoo studio

Pavel, legally in Russia there is no such type of economic activity as "tattooing". Were there any difficulties in connection with this?

- It's the same as in any other field. You open an IE or OOO, choose the right kind of economic activity, the taxation system, and off you go. With the masters of the usual labor contract, in their employment cards is written "artist.

As far as I know, in some studios masters work simply on the terms of an oral agreement with the owner...

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In Perm at the tattoo battle will choose the most beautiful girl with a tattoo10 August 2017, 10:54

- It is, but it's weird and wrong. If you set up a business, even with friends, everyone involved has to be legally protected. It's not that angry uncles from the labor inspectorate will come, it's just that it's more convenient to control the process. Again - if you arrange the person without documents, then he at any time can go to another place on more favorable terms, and you will be left without a piece of the profits.

As a rule, tattoo studios are opened by masters on their own. In your opinion, is it possible to make money in this business without being "in the hangout": that is, without being a tattooist, without being friends with the masters, and investing and hiring people?

- Tattoo is a special craft, and here the "psychological contract", i.e. non-labor relations between the business owner and craftsmen, plays a great role. Everywhere there are examples when people invested a lot of money in salons, but not always the projects survived. If you just want to make money, it is easier to open a network of grocery kiosks, for example.

An investment in a tattoo parlor will be successful in several cases. First, if there is very talented management. This is how "13 by Black Star" works, for example. The managers here are very competent, and they succeed with everything from burgers to tattoos.

The second option is when a person is genuinely enthusiastic about tattoos (as a rule, this is already a self-sufficient master) and is ready to work hard and develop. This is how most studios work. And the third option is when you can just be lucky, the circumstances will be favorable and the idea will "shoot". This is realistic including because of the soft Russian law - the 6% tax on entrepreneurial activity will not bury anyone.

What tattoo salons opened first in Perm?

- As far as I know, in the early 2000s one of the first was the studio "Pautina" near the "Tower of Death". Around the same time Spyder and Extra opened - the second salon in the "classic" lineup of tattoo artists at one time was very cool and actively moved the culture. There were a few studios that did not last long - Grunge, for example.

The real boom in this sphere happened in 2012-2013, when studios began to open and close one after another. Daniel Oborin and Alexey Zapadny created the Barka brand: a barbershop and a tattoo studio worked under the same roof. Now barbershops are on every corner, and Barka was the first in Perm and the fifth in Russia. Apart from that, Inkwell, Bogatyr and many others opened.

Why are the salons closing, because they can't stand the competition?

- To most tattoo artists, this field seems romantic, easy and joyful: an ideal job where one can be especially relaxed. This is the kind of rock 'n' roll that makes the business turn into a mess and anarchy. Here, for example, as we are talking to you right now, it's ten in the morning - I'm sure that far from everywhere the craftsmen are on the job.

In fact, it's just as hard work as any other business. Legally, organizing a studio is easy - you delve into the subject or hire a lawyer, make a business plan. But often this is not thought about until they are faced with the first problems. Risks are not calculated, labour relations are not regulated - and the studio falls apart.

Dream of a tattoo monopoly. Interview with the creator of the OMUT tattoo studio

There are several dozen tattoo artists working in Perm. Who among them would you single out?

- Besides those who work at OMUT, I can single out Alexander Romashov, Dmitry Martyushev, Vadim "Nevadik", Evgeny Kadnikov, Denis Antushev and Alexander Bogomyakov. Not because I am good with them - in my experience, these people do their business honestly and give consistent results.

In a good master ten out of ten jobs should be high quality - perhaps in one did something wrong, but thanks to experience and professionalism all is well. With a bad craftsman, you don't get one job at a time.

The problem is that most customers do not see the difference. If a person has a choice - to pay for a large job (say, A4) two thousand rubles or 40 thousand rubles, he will go and do for two. It's no coincidence that a lot of tattoo artists have appeared in Perm in recent years who take advantage of this - they might have festival awards and diplomas, but they're not doing the right work. In the past it was fashionable to form a rock band and perform, now it's fashionable to work in a tattoo parlor or a barbershop.

So participation in a festival is not an indicator of skill?

- Not always. Many Russian festivals nowadays have no filters, people get there with stolen sketches and a weak level. It looks like a school crafts contest.

The main thing for the organizers is to get money into the coffers, so awards are now given to interested participants, not to those who showed a decent result during the event. What a joy - they sit in offices, covered with diplomas. Now I myself prefer to go to festivals in Europe, for example, in the near future I'm going to France, not for awards, but to communicate with colleagues and look at their experience to share mine.

You're talking about quality - how can a layman tell the good work from the bad?

- I can't. I have experience, knowledge, I can see when the shadows are uneven or the outline is weak. The average person can't tell the difference if only because of the abundance of mediocre tattoo artists, they rarely see good work.

Tattooing does not like a fierce rush. Before you do the work, it is better to sit down, see all the masters of your city, neighboring, a few more. If nothing catches on, you don't have to rush - in a week, a month, a year you'll come across Pasha Golenischev's Instagram post and realize, "This is what I need!" Just kidding (smiling).

Now there are already clients who clearly understand what they want, they come with examples of your work and other masters. I get a lot of people from other regions: Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Omsk, Tyumen, even from the capitals come in. I have clients from Europe and the United States. This is very pleasant, not because they come to me specifically, but because there is a special level of trust and responsibility. It is noticeable that tattoo culture is developing in Russia, the years are not going by in vain - people are looking for "their" masters in other cities.

On the other hand, some people from Krasnokamsk can't get to the center of the city. They call: "I like everything, the money is not a problem, where to come? To Yekaterininskaya? I'd rather look for something closer".

Are you planning to expand your business?

- Definitely in the future we will have to move to a larger space or open another outlet. In general, every entrepreneur has Napoleonic plans, so you want to make a huge creative "open space" like Google: several floors with poufs, coffee and donuts, and work side by side with other "creators": photographers, videographers, designers, artists.

This is quite realistic-for example, in Krasnodar Dmitry Nabora opened a huge two-story studio, and recently he opened an additional studio for a dozen or so people. In Perm, it is also possible to create something similar, but so far the market is not ready for this: people who want to do not tattoos, but "rock and roll", will not go.


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