Tattoo Fire: what the flame means for girls and guys

Tattoo Fire

Tattoo fire You can see on any part of the body . It is the embodiment of the triumph of light forces over dark ones. In addition, fire symbolizes purification, renewal and domestic wealth. Also, many believe that it means the birth of a new incarnation. At the same time, it is divided into several components - light and heat. The first of these is meant to be responsible for the intellect, and the next for warmth and comfort.

Tattoo fire on the wrist

Tattoo of fire on the wrist

Tattoo fire on a girl

Tattoo fire on a girl

Fire fire tattoo

Tattoo fire flame

The flame is commonly associated with the heart. The fire symbolizes love, passion, and a heart that burns with love. In addition, the element is a symbol of truth and knowledge. It deals very easily with deception, ignorance and other vices. The concept of baptism with fire represents purification, the rejection of darkness in the soul.

Fire sign tattoo

Tattoo sign of fire

Element of fire tattoo with guitar on his arm

Tattoo element of fire with a guitar on his arm

Tattoo skull on fire

Tattoo skull on fire

Tattoo skull on fire

The most famous symbol of the elements is considered to be a salamander. This animal is often referred to as a sign of fire. It represents the movement and constancy of the flame. In ancient writings, it was said to be in the fire, and it can give wise advice to anyone who turns to it. Fire can destroy anything. However, it is not only destruction, but also purification. This element can cleanse objects and homes from negative influences.

Tattoo skull on fire

Tattoo skull on fire

Tattoo of fire on a man's arm

Tattoo of fire on a man's arm

Tattoo horse on fire

Tattoo horse on fire

Tattoo angel on fire

Tattoo angel on fire

Tattoo fire on his arm

Tattoo Fire on your arm

Fire is a strong but very vulnerable element, especially when it comes to water and air. If it is uncontrollable, it can be quite called one of the most dangerous phenomena. But in the event that it loses contact with the air, it can immediately die.

Also, it is impossible not to say that fire is quite willful and not submissive.

The meaning of the tattoo fire

The ideas of the fire tattoo convey notions of transformation and transformation, because nothing remains unchanged after the fire. The element burns everything in its path: it changes the structure, function, appearance and even the chemical composition of everything it touches. This fact testifies to the alchemical credo of transmogrification.

fire tattoo

This type of transformation is best represented in the alchemical Phoenix. It is when this regal bird is completely consumed by the flames that we think it is at the end of its life cycle, after which it will be reborn again from its own ashes, but already transformed, renewed and purified.

tattoo fire

Thus, for girls, the tattoo of fire carries the meaning of passion, sensuality and transformation. For men, however, flame tattoos mean power, determination, power, energy, vitality and transformation.

fire tattoo

Meaning skull on fire

The tattoo, in which the human skull flames brightly, is a clear sign of a lover of dangerous adventures, gambling, extremely dangerous sports. The owners of the tattoo are not afraid of the threat of fatal injuries and risky situations - the adrenaline in the blood only increases their mood.

The philosophical implication of such an image on the body is obvious - we are all mortal, and there is no way to avoid fatal accidents that can completely overturn the quiet course of life. The tattoo can denote both wisdom and prudence of the owner, and a tendency to live by emotions, to make reckless ill-considered actions that sometimes only harm. A skull on fire is often a warning sign, stopping a person from making the wrong moves.

Ideas for fire tattoos

In fact, there are a huge number of ideas that can be used in this sketch. Such can be fire-breathing dragons, devils, smoke, skulls, etc. Below we will consider the most popular motifs that girls and men around the world choose.

fire tattoo

Sign of fire

Purification is a symbolic byproduct of the element of fire. Sterilization, purification and even the concepts of baptism are associated with it. If you are looking for an element that conveys a sense of rebirth, then these intentions are best conveyed by a flame tattoo depicted in a realistic style. The tattoo looks best on the neck, wrist or leg.

Tattoo of fire on his arm

The flaming Phoenix bird.

If you feel as if you are at the end of a difficult ordeal in life, but also feel renewed and wise, you can express this experience with a drawing of the Phoenix on your shoulder or on your back. The expansive area of these areas will allow for the best depiction of the flame and the bird tattoo.

Tattoo Fire sketches

Realistic Fire

Countless ancient cultures have considered fire a symbol of the home. In some peoples, the element of fire symbolized a sense of joy and warmth, victory and the unification of society. Thus, the fire tattoo can be used by people who wish to show a passion for keeping the family safe and protected. The tattoos look great on the hand, especially when applied to the hand or shoulder.

fire element photo

Symbols of the elements

Fire reminds us of our passions on spiritual levels. Often in art, flames are depicted to convey feelings of deep love and burning desire. To best convey this message, you can use elemental symbols, a fiery flower or an old-school heart as a sketch. In some cases, the elements can be depicted in their entirety, including water, air and earth.

tattoo elements

Zodiac signs

Astrology distinguishes three fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. So if you decide to get a tattoo with your zodiac sign, you can incorporate fire to convey a sense of adventure, courage and high energy.

fire sketch

Black and white minimalism

Many people prefer a minimalist style when choosing tattoos. This trend involves placing black and white signs on fingers, forearms or other parts of the body.

tattoo flame on hand

Choosing the location

The meaning of a fire tattoo can vary from its location. Therefore, it is very important to choose it correctly in order to avoid in the future such an unpleasant procedure as tattoo removal. So, where is the best place to get a fire tattoo? Everything depends directly on your character. Therefore, when choosing, first of all, rely on the qualities that are specific to you. For example, the tattoo on the leg means an irrepressible energy, high-speed movement, the desire for new and unexplored. It is suitable sort of lively, who can not sit still in one place. Tattoo fire on his arm - a sign of moral and physical strength, courage and determination. Very often it is stuffed the military, sailors, employees of law enforcement agencies. Passionate and amorous natures do tattoo fire in the groin, as a sign of irrepressible sexual energy. And those who seek new knowledge or have any talent - on the back of the head. The blazing flame, located in the chest or heart area means mental anguish, sincere love, the capacity for self-sacrifice and kindness. It is worth noting that with the help of a tattoo it is possible to hide unaesthetic marks and scars on the body. For example, women very often do a tattoo on the scar after a cesarean, thus masking the scar.

Sketches of fire tattoos

Below are male and female sketches that you can use as ideas for your future tattoos. Statistically, girls choose small tattoos, while men prefer large, realistic motifs. Don't forget that you should always make your own adjustments to the chosen image, so that you don't meet another person with the same tattoo.

Now about fire today.

The above refers primarily to the archaic and ancient stages of the development of human culture (although there are still echoes of both). Pictures on the bodies of boys and girls today can symbolize:

  • The unbridled element of nature;
  • secret knowledge;
  • a powerful inner energy;
  • the flame of the soul that burns within a man.

The meaning of fire always forms a whole semantic series, which is determined by all in their own way. It is a sign of intense passion, of constant advancement, of an emotional breakthrough. But fire in a tattoo can also be associated with hope, and imply "light in the darkness" (it depends on how it is performed).

Photos of tattoos with fire

Below you can see the best works of masters from around the world, performed in different styles. We hope that they will help you in choosing your future drawing.

About Character

Those who apply tattoos with fire, have a rich inner world, very confident in themselves and that it is they who will control their inner energy, not she them. In the first case we see a strong and hot fire, in the second - a cozy hearth at home.

It should be borne in mind that if the fire is shown not as such, but as a dragon, stove, volcano and so on, this already fundamentally changes the matter and does not allow us to consider the semantics of the tattoo the same. The flames themselves represent culture. A solid selection of photo subjects with fire is presented to your attention. You can get a tattoo wherever you want.

Fire is an integral part of the Sylvester Stallone tattoo.

The fire element in culture and myths

Since ancient times, the flame has been perceived as a supernatural phenomenon. Primitive people with the invention of fire felt how dramatically their lives changed. They began to get warm with flames, cook food and light their way. The interaction between man and fire became inseparable. Over time, myths and legends have appeared that praise this beautiful element, although its importance in everyone's life was difficult to exaggerate.

Because of its properties, the sign of fire stands as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and the pursuit of knowledge. This is reflected in the legend of Prometheus, who sacrificed himself in order to give people the opportunity to control fire. The Phoenix bird burns to the ground at the stake to be reborn in a renewed form.

Christian religion interprets the meaning of this element in its own way. The smoke from church candles reaches the Lord, delivering people's prayers and begging for grace. Hellfire makes the cauldrons in which sinners are tormented boil.

Thus, it becomes clear that the fire element can do a lot of good if it is competently managed, and cause irreparable harm if you let it rage.


Remember that the hands are the most "demanded" part of the body, especially the fingers and palms. We are constantly touching something with them and, as a result of friction, the tattoo can fade and lose its original appearance over time. That is why the most popular colors are black and dark colors (blue, burgundy). They are less susceptible to erasure than images of bright colors.

Sometimes tattoos are blurred and become not clear, it is not terrible simply contact the tattooist and he will correct the tattoo.

In order to make a cool tattoo that will please you as long as possible, remember about the timely correction, because in the beginning the tattoo on your finger is blurred. It can happen to anyone, however having noticed it immediately address to the master and he will correct everything in a few minutes. Remember that healed tattoos look much more beautiful than just tattooed. Have patience and then everything will be fine.

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