The dreamcatcher with their own hands: unusual ideas for decoration and step-by-step instructions from the best masters

The Indians of North America believe that at night the human soul travels to other worlds, which are inhabited not always friendly spirits. To protect yourself from nightmares and not to die during a night's rest helps a talisman called a dream catcher.

How to make a dream catcher with your own hands, we will consider in this article. This talisman will provide a quiet rest until morning, easy awakening and good spirits.

Meaning of the dream catcher

The amulet is made in the form of a circle, in which there is a symbolic web of threads. Its purpose is to catch in nets evil spirits, which can penetrate into the room when a person is asleep or absent in the house. Therefore, in some cases, the catcher is hung above the front door.

A dense net of threads allows only good dreams and good spirits to pass through, which differ from evil ones in their subtle structure. Nightmare dreams and unkind spirits become entangled in the threads, and with the first rays of the sun flow down the feathers into the world of oblivion.

The circle symbolizes the cycle of life, the threads within the circle - the lifeline of a person, the empty center in the circle - the spirit of the person. The feathers adorning the amulet symbolize the element of air.

Where to apply the tattoo

Indians believed that in order to reveal the main protective value of this tattoo, it is necessary to place the image as close to the head as possible. So dream catchers are often done on the neck, shoulder blades, and shoulders.

Tattoo of a dream catcher on his neck

A dream catcher tattoo on the neck

Tattoo of a dream catcher on a girl's neck

Tattoo of a dream catcher on a girl's neck

Tattoo dream catcher on girl's shoulder blade

Tattoo of a dream catcher on a girl's shoulder blade

However, female dream catcher tattoos on the leg are no less common. They look piquant on the hips. So when wondering where to get a dream catcher tattoo, do not forget about the lower body. And consider that the meaning of a tattoo on the leg does not differ from the general meaning described above.

Nevertheless, the most popular option remains the dream catcher tattoo on the arm for a girl. This is because such a tattoo is easy to demonstrate. In addition, it is possible to make a tattoo on the hand of different sizes. Equally successful will look like a miniature dream catcher on the wrist and a fairly large and detailed image on the shoulder.

Looks beautiful and large-scale tattoo of a dream catcher on the back of the girl. Most often it is placed in the center between the shoulder blades.

Tattoo dream catcher on girl's back

Tattoo of a dream catcher on a girl's back

Popular and variant of placing the pagan amulet on the side. This tattoo carries not only deep meaning, but also emphasizes the curves of the female figure.

Tattoo dream catcher on her side

Tattoo dream catcher on the side

Tattoo dream catcher on a girl's side

Tattoo dream catcher on the side of a girl

Tattoo dream catcher on girls side - photo

Tattoo dream catcher on a girl's side - photo

Another popular option - masking flaws on the skin with the help of tattoos. Usually, tattoos cover scars or burns. In this case, dream catchers fit perfectly. They look good in different sizes, so such an image can easily cover up both small scars and postoperative stitches. If the scar is long or of unusual shape - it is worth ordering the development of an individual sketch, taking into account your features. For an experienced master it will not be difficult and you will become the owner of a truly unique tattoo.

On this basis, the dream catcher tattoo on the lower abdomen will hide postpartum stretch marks, decorating the girl's body.

Where to place the dream catcher correctly

This amulet is designed to protect a person's sleep, so the correct placement is the bedroom. As a decorative element, a dream catcher can be placed anywhere in a room.

According to Native Americans, evil spirits are sure to get entangled in the threads and will not be able to harm a sleeping person. Good spirits are not afraid of the net, they pass through the holes.

Indians place a catcher over the bed of the sleeper. According to Feng Shui methodology, this amulet should hang on the window, as dreams enter the house through it.

Young mothers hang the amulet over the cradle, where toys usually hang. It is intended to protect the baby's sleep from the influence of evil spirits.

Where to get a tattoo?

Tattoo with a dream catcher is most often seen on the arms, legs, back and forearm, on the hip and on the side. The size is usually medium or large. It is interesting that such a tattoo is not recommended to hide, so it is advised to apply on the open areas of the body. So, the property of protection of the symbol will "work". The place for the natal drawing you can choose from your own preferences, there are no restrictions in this regard.

Meaning of the color of the dream catcher

The choice of tsata for making a talisman should be strictly considered. For Indians, each shade is endowed with sacred meaning and significance.

WhitePurification, chastity, success. It cleanses a person from negativity, charges the positive energy, keeps thoughts in purity.
BlackSymbol of the Absolute, mysterious powers, pacification and peace. Strengthens intuition, helps to see and understand the signs of destiny.
Blue .Wisdom, intuition, spiritual renewal, inspiration, protection and stability, harmony of body and soul, spiritual balance.
BlueProtection from mental confusion, clairvoyance, psychic abilities. The blue shade attracts positive energies, fills with lightness and makes the temperament peaceful.
PurpleImmortality of soul, eternity, wisdom, intellect, mentality, connection to higher worlds.
RedThe power of fire, dynamism, passion, help to choose the right direction, strength of will, activity, courage.
PinkThe color of tenderness, kindness, pure love, love of life. Teaches to appreciate every moment, helps in personal life.
YellowIt helps to understand the meaning of life, makes the mind flexible and receptive, heals the soul and body.
OrangeThe color of joy, sensuality, harmony of femininity and masculinity.
GreenThe color of the immortality of the human soul. Positivity, good emotions, the way to the goal, faith in oneself and one's strength.

It is necessary to choose the colors that correspond to your idea of the amulet's purpose.

Tools and materials

How to weave a dream catcher with your own hands? The technique of weaving is very simple and uncomplicated. Examples of creating an amulet are given below. Let's talk about what materials it is best to create a trap. Here is a rule: only from natural materials.

If you make a trapper as a decoration of your bedroom, then the material can be any. But the basis of a magical amulet can be exclusively natural materials that conduct energies well.

What you need to prepare:

  • The base for the dream catcher - willow twigs for a circle or a wooden hoop;
  • strong threads - jute, household rope, shoe string;
  • thin thread - ordinary sewing thread or iris.

Willow twigs should be thin, which bend well. Sometimes sprigs of mountain ash are used to create a trap, as mountain ash symbolizes protection from evil spirits.

For decorations small details and feathers are suitable. Often different beads (glass, wood) or buttons on the stem are used as decorations. Feathers can be taken from a pillow or bought in a store (bright, ornate).

Also needed for work scissors, clear glue, sewing needle, crochet.

Sketch and master

The sketch with a dream catcher tattoo is one of the most popular and widespread, even on the Internet. You can find quite a few photos of already finished works of various tattoo parlors, and just repeat it if you suddenly like it.

It is worth noting that each person puts his own, individual meaning in this tattoo, so in addition to the common types, other symbols can be used in combination with the amulet: flowers, heart, geometric patterns in a spider web, etc. It all depends on your imagination, and an experienced master will be able to translate it into reality.

Many masters practice the application of the dream catcher, so it will not be difficult to find a suitable specialist. The main thing is to familiarize yourself with his work in advance and find out if he has had experience with this tattoo. However, mystical amulets are a delicate matter.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a dreamcatcher

Steps of creating an amulet:

  • Prepare all tools and material for the amulet;
  • tightly wrap the wooden base with strong threads, so that there is no gap;
  • now it is necessary to fill in the space inside the circle in any way;
  • To weave a spider's web, it is necessary to make equidistant marks on a circle and to tie a thread to them;
  • starting from the third row, weave beads into the cobweb (they are threaded in advance);
  • The end of the weaving fix tightly tightened knot;
  • Decorate the amulet with threads, on which the beads are threaded and multicolored feathers are attached.

If you make the basis of the branches, they should be fixed tightly with scotch tape to prevent unraveling.

If you decorate the amulet with suspended leather cords, then the feathers can be fixed not with wire or thread, but with beads. You simply thread the feathers into the beads attached to the cord.

Ideas for creating a dream catcher

An amulet for dreams can be made in different techniques:

  • classic - with feathers, beads, cobwebs;
  • with a star inside instead of a cobweb;
  • with various figures and buttons instead of feathers;
  • in the form of a merry-go-round with many pendants with beads, feathers and buttons;
  • in the form of an owl - two small circles form the owl's eyes, and large feathers form its body.

Made of cardboard and thread.

This is a very simple amulet, to create which you will need cardboard, ordinary and thick threads, beads, and bright feathers.

Dreamcatcher - step-by-step instructions:

  • cut out a circle from thick cardboard (from a box);
  • wrap it with thick thread, leave the end of the thread for a loop (for hanging);
  • thread the beads through the thin threads;
  • tie the strings with the beads on the circle on opposite sides;
  • Tie the feathers to the finished circle.

Feathers can be taken from a down pillow or bought in a store. They are tied either to thick threads, or to a chain. Creativity in creating an amulet for dreams is welcome.


You can make a dream amulet out of hand-made materials, which you can always find in the house. Consider the master class of the craft. For the basis, you can take a circle from a child's spring, fastening the ends with scotch tape.

Fix the end of the thread on the circle and begin to wrap it tightly around the ring, making knots. When the circle is ready, make a loop from the end of the thread - to suspend the amulet.

Now take thin threads and weave a cobweb of them in a circle. Try to make equal spacing. If you are not sure of this, make marks on the circle beforehand.

Weave 2 circles of cobweb, and from the third begin to thread the beads. At the end of the weaving fix the thread so that it is not untied.

Now you need to decorate the amulet with pendants with feathers and beads. To do this, cut three strands of equal length and fold them in half.

The threads are tied to the edge of the circle at an equal distance from each other. String beads, tie feathers with thin wire - they hold better.

For all elements of the composition to hold firmly, you can fix them with transparent glue.

After that, you should hang the amulet in the sun, so it can be cleaned and charged with solar energy. Periodically cleaning repeat once a month or on days of power - 2 equinoxes and 2 solstices.

Cobweb .

Cobweb for dreams is very simple. The basis can be bent in a ring willow twigs or a wooden hoop, bought in craft stores. This hoop should be wrapped with thread (for knitting or crafts), so that the wood was not visible.

Now you need to divide the circle into 8 equal sections, tie a thread at each of the selected points. You will have an octagon. Now you need to make 5-6 more circles with threads to get a tight web. After that, you need to make 5-6 circles of loose web.

The workpiece is decorated with glass or wooden beads, which are threaded in advance. Beads can decorate the loop by which the amulet is suspended.

For children's rooms

A dream catcher for children is characterized by a combination of bright colors. It performs two functions - protection from nightmares and decoration of the room. The amulet must be liked by the child in order for him to get involved.

To create an amulet, you must take a wooden circle and a strong thread made of jute, hemp or linen. It is necessary to take a natural thread, polyester is not good.

If the basis of the amulet is small, you can weave a cobweb of mouliné thread. Affix buttons wrapped with fabric to the thread. Various decorative elements in the form of glass beads, figures, feathers, ribbons are attached to the trap.

Threads are stretched in the form of spokes on wheels - connecting the opposite sides of the circle. Weaving can be in any order or strictly according to the outlined scheme.

Ready amulet hang on the wall above the baby's crib or on the window.


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