Tattoo on Ear - Unusual Ideas for Tattoos in the Ear Area

Behind the ear tattoo, a rose and a knife
Rose and Knife Tattoo Behind the Ear. The ear is part of the red pain areas of the tattoo card. Drawing on the area is a sign of a conscious choice. If the wearer has chosen to get a tattoo on the auricle, he is not going to reduce it.
The ear and the space behind it is considered intimate and sensitive. The drawing becomes 85% a message to those who may enter the wearer's personal space.

Why choose a tattoo in the ear area?

1. a tattoo on the ear is stylish!

A tattoo in an unusual location adds an unconventional accent to your appearance and looks very stylish.

2. a tattoo on the ear is not conspicuous

For those who are not principled to show their tattoo to others is suitable tattoo in the area behind the ear. A small symbol or a miniature image is easy to hide from public attention. Basically, this applies to girls who have the ability to hide the tattoo with their hair.

3. a small tattoo does not require a large investment

A small drawing does not require long deliberations on the sketch, several sessions of the master and large material and time costs. In just a few hours of work you will have a small, interesting and stylish tattoo.

4: A tattoo on your ear can draw attention away from your flaws.

It's certainly worth accepting yourself and loving your appearance. But if you do have a bit of a complex about a bump on the nose or a small scar on the face, an accent on the tattoo can help deal with this complex. A tattoo always makes a person confident. The attention of others will be attracted by the unusual drawing on the lobe, and not by your small defect in the form of a scar.

5. Tattoos on the ear can be used in conjunction with piercings

If you have a piercing on your earlobe, a tattoo can beat it. Or by combining the piercing and the tattoo you can make a beautiful and unusual accent, which will not look flashy, but at the same time will be unique and unusual.

Tattoo on your ear - Ear Tattoo - Behind the Ear Tattoo

How to choose a tattoo shop

It's good to have a trusted master you know, but not everyone is lucky. Doing the first tattoo, the tattoo salon must be chosen even more carefully than the sketch. Ideally, if it is an old proven place with a lot of satisfied customers and reviews about it from users of the network. A good master will not withhold details and will definitely tell about every step of tattooing.

Another important point is the cleanliness of the room and tools. Everything should be clean, right down to the chairs in the room. Masters necessarily work in disposable gloves, and tools are sterilized.

Do not try to save money and choose the one who agrees to do tattoos cheapest. In the best case, the quality of work will not like it, in the worst case you will have to spend a lot more money on treatment. A good tattoo cannot be cheap.

The meaning of the star tattoo in different designs

The guiding star is by far the most interesting design. In most cases, it is a symbol with black and white or black and red rays. Since it used to be used by sailors as a navigational pointer, today the symbol can be stamped on the body to determine the right direction in life.

tattoo of stars

Tattoo falling star means new meaning in life and changes for the better. Star tattoos carry the meaning of a person's aspirations for a bright future: they symbolize success and good luck, as well as the fulfillment of desires. These tattoos look feminine and as a rule, they are most often chosen by girls, applying them behind the ears, on the arm or on the neck.

tattoo stars

The star tattoo can go well with other celestial bodies. For example, the moon and the sun can perfectly complement the main symbol, expanding its main meaning. For example, the moon can add even more mystery to the design and the sun can add optimism and liveliness.

tattoo constellation

Star tattoos with flowers - a common and attractive design, which is usually seen in girls. Flowers give the image a special charm and appeal. Rose can give the symbol passion, daisy - innocence, lotus - spirituality, sunflower - brightness, etc.

tattoo stars

Many people put a constellation tattoo on their body with their astrological sign. Such drawings, made in a minimalist style, look great when placed on the forearm or ribs. The meaning of the constellation tattoo is a reflection of the character traits associated with personality.

tattoo star

The starry sky tattoo is chosen by romantic and mysterious natures. The meaning that the picture carries - infinity, the unknown, mystery, spiritual enlightenment. The symbol of the pentagram was specifically chosen for its mystery, the infinity of the unknown, the mystery of the unknown and the spiritual enlightenment of the soul.

star tattoo

Pentagram. The pentagonal star, often associated with Satanism, witchcraft and evil, is an ancient symbol. The five rays of the pentagram represent the four elements: fire, water, earth, air and ether (the space of the sky).

star tattoo meaning

With the tip pointing upwards, the pentagram acts as a shield and a symbol of white magic (goodness).

But there are many other interpretations: for example, in ancient times, the pentagram meant the eternal cycle of life, because you can draw it without interruption.

Tattoo stars on hand
If the beam is directed downwards - it is a sign of Satanism, which is used to summon demons and is a symbol of black magic (evil).

Star of David. The six-pointed star is an important symbol of Judaism. Among other things, it stands for the unity of heaven and earth, and for the balance between the human and the divine. As a rule, this tattoo has a spiritual meaning, which, however, does not necessarily have anything to do with religion.

tattoo star meaning

The seven-pointed star, whose rays signify the 7 days of the planets, is often used by magicians to connect with spirits. Also, the rays symbolize the 7 days of the week, which in turn have their own characteristics. For example, Monday - spirituality, Tuesday - activity, Wednesday - sociability, Thursday - power, Friday - harmony, Saturday - concentration, Sunday - creativity.

star tattoos

The crescent moon and star tattoo is a symbol of Islam, but at different times this sign had different meanings: worship of the sun and moon, personification of goddesses, etc.

Tattoo stars on hand

The best ideas for the arrow tattoo

Below are various arrow tattoo options and the meanings behind them. When choosing this design, it is worth considering that even the direction of the symbol or the addition of other elements to it can greatly affect what the tattoo symbolizes.

Single Arrow.

The single symbol represents protection from harm, movement or direction. Paired tattoos with this sign signify a strong friendship. Small designs are applied to fingers, wrist, collarbone or neck.

New Tattoos with meaning for girls

Two arrows

Two arrows pointing in opposite directions from each other usually denote war. But don't take this meaning literally. This motif can mean struggle with bad habits, conflict with oneself, inner changes, assertion of one's own interests. Most often such designs are placed on the arm, neck or back.

Broken arrow

The image of a broken arrow is the personification of peace. Such tattoos are often found in girls and guys who have gone through a difficult period in their lives.

Crossed arrows

Two crossed arrows is a symbol of friendship. In general, paired drawings are depicted in the style of geometry, tribal and minimalism. Often the main motif is complemented by various elements: feathers, infinity signs, names, etc.

Tattoo bunch of arrows

A bundle of three or five arrows usually denotes strength and a strong bond, as one arrow can easily be broken, and several pieces - almost impossible. Sketches with multiple symbols are placed on the side in the rib area, on the back, on the legs, or on the forearms.

Arrow and bow

An arrow with a bow or crossbow can represent life, forward movement, something new and positive. The arrow rushes forward only when it is pulled back, so only by going through dark times can you push yourself to a better place.

This is the symbol used to represent the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Thanks to it, you can recognize optimistic people who want to get the most out of life. In many cases, this tattoo design will include an archer or centaur with a bow.

What's Worth Knowing About Ear Tattoos:

  1. The skin on your ear is very delicate, so you should prepare very carefully for your session to avoid unnecessary pain.
  2. The sketch should be simple, without unnecessary details. This is due to the fact that the auricle has a complex shape, and the drawing should first of all be clear and readable, so that it does not look like a shapeless spot.
  3. Be prepared for the fact that the ear tattoo will have to be periodically renewed. The skin on the cartilage is thin and flexible, and the ear secretes substances that serve a protective function. For tattoos, exposure to sebum or earwax is not at all beneficial. Therefore, even in the planning stage of a tattoo on the ear, it is worth thinking about a concise sketch and be prepared for the fact that it will have to be renewed occasionally.


Tattoos behind the ears or on the ears are fashionable, cute and unusual decorations that allow you to bring a little craziness and freedom to any look. Due to the almost complete "invisibility" and the possibility to hide the pattern, small pictures will allow you to emphasize the individuality of the owner. You can apply the sketch on the cartilage, lobe, on the inner side of the auricle and behind the ear.

Tattooed stars

Tattoo Meaning Star

Despite the uncomplicated nature of the symbol, the star is a tattoo that carries many hidden meanings, making it attractive to discerning lovers of body art.

tattooed stars

Tiny constellations not only decorate the night sky, but also serve as a guide for people, bringing them inspiration and inner strength. In fact, they occupy an important place in history, religion, culture and mythology, which makes them even more meaningful and fascinating.

tattoo star

Because of this, star tattoos are beloved by women and men alike and are often used to beautify the body and present their sights to others. Let's take a closer look at what this tattoo means.

The classic five-pointed star carries the following meaning:

  • Religiosity. The star tattoo symbolizes religiosity because these heavenly bodies are closely associated with a number of cultures and religions around the world. Previously, ancient peoples considered them sacred symbols and worshipped them.
  • Guidance. People who think they have chosen the wrong path in life can get a star tattoo to find the right direction and their purpose in life.
  • Direction and safety. In the past, the celestial luminaries served as a kind of reference point, thanks to which many travelers and sailors found the right direction at sea.
  • Luck. Another positive thing the star tattoo symbolizes is good luck, as the symbol used to help sailors return home.

Basic prison tattoos and their meaning

Thieves' stars are the "legend" of prison tattoos. "It used to be that thieves' stars were the distinctive sign of the authorities. Now everything has changed: they can be found not only on serious thieves, but also on ordinary prisoners. Their status has fallen somewhat. In general, today, the more tattoos a person has, the less important he is in the zone. Carriers of a large number of tattoos are treated like fools. In Soviet times, for example, thieves' stars were on my collarbones ("I'll never wear a shoulder strap") and on my knees ("I'll never kneel in front of the cops"). They were purely ideological, thieves' tattoos. If such stars were tattooed by a person who wasn't a member of the underworld, he could be held accountable by the law. Then, closer to the 1990s, the famous tattoos were given to a lot of people who had nothing to do with the thieves, and the stars became a less status tattoo. Today there is a prison concept of "No Responses For Tattooing." It means that if someone is stupid enough to get a tattoo with a serious meaning, he is not to be touched. Although, of course, sometimes such people have to take responsibility for their actions," says the expert.

Sergei Batalichev

City: Simferopol Place of work: Own small studio. Directions: I have no preference for any particular style, I try to try myself in all of them. Work experience: I made my first tattoo back in 1999 while serving in the army, I seriously decided to dedicate myself to this craft since about 2006. Main principle: Do not stop on the achieved, constantly improve their level. Favourite job: No favorite job, as there is a new one every time.

Grooming Advice

Usually all the necessary recommendations for the care of the tattoo gives the master, based on the particular case. Special care for such a tattoo is not required, it is standard, as well as for any tattoo:

  • after applying the tattoo, the image should be covered with a film;
  • periodically lubricate the ointment for healing;
  • Rinse the drawing with warm water, carefully moistening the napkin;
  • several times a day to wipe with a absorbent cotton soaked in chamomile infusion;
  • For faster healing, keep the drawing open so that it dries faster.

There is a nuance that distinguishes tattooing on the ear - the complex curves of the auricle do not allow you to apply a bandage or plaster. The way out is simple: you need to lubricate the drawing with ointment more often. The main thing is not to go overboard: the abundant use of cream may interfere with the healing of the wound.

tattoo seashell

Tattoos on the Ear for Girls - Female Ear Tattoos

Girls have long made the ear tattoo their favorite. The small design attracts with its interesting and unusual location, looks aesthetically pleasing, and if desired can be completely hidden from the eyes of others curls. Favorite themes for tattoos in the ear area for girls: flowers, lines, small ornaments, patterns, symbols and memorable dates.

The point above the upper lip. Acupuncture. How to find the points of youth on the face?

  • The two points on the walls of the nose at the inner corners of the eyes are directly called points of youth, they improve vision;
  • two points on the outer corners of the eyes;
  • Two points under the eye (right and left);
  • point in the center of the bridge of the nose (between the eyebrows), called the third eye, activation of this point improves blood circulation, stimulates the pituitary gland and regulates endocrine processes in the body;
  • two points in the center of the eyebrows;
  • two points on the temples (the line of hair growth) help improve vision, improve blood circulation to the brain, relieve muscle tension, which are located nearby;
  • two points in the recesses under the wings of the nose when stimulated improve the sense of smell, help quickly cope with colds and improve dental health;
  • two points located at the end of earlobes, they are easy to feel if you open your mouth - the resulting depression is an active point, their stimulation can improve hearing, vestibular apparatus function and relieve tension of masticatory muscles;
  • Two points under the cheekbones (central position);
  • a point under the nose;
  • Two points in the corners of the mouth;
  • A point on the chin to eliminate toxins;
  • a point under the lower lip;
  • one point under the cheekbone on the left side;
  • one point between the clavicles;
  • a point in the dimple on the back of the head.

Skriptonite biography

Skriptonit - real name Adil Oralbekovich Zhalelov (born Kulmagambetov) - Russian-speaking rap artist from Kazakhstan, beatmaker, resident of the Russian music label Gazgolder.

Rapper Skriptonit hails from Kazakhstan
Rapper Skriptonit hails from Kazakhstan

The musician became widely known in 2021, after the release of his first record "House with Normal Phenomena", which overtook the disc of Justin Bieber in the iTunes chart and was second only to the new album of singer Adele.

In 2021, Scriptonite won the "Real MusicBox Award" in the "Out of Format" category, and GQ magazine named him "Discovery of the Year."

Ear Tattoo for Men - Men's Ear Tattoos

Men choose ear tattoos clearly for different reasons than most girls. Hiding the tattoo with hair is unrealistic for the vast majority of men. Therefore, a tattoo in the area of the ear in men is rather the opposite will be a bold and flamboyant tattoo that will always be in view. This option can afford bold and decisive people who are free from dress codes and other people's opinions.

What kind of tattoos are fashionable to do behind the ear?

Tattoos behind the ear are considered one of the most popular body art, as they are not in plain sight, and as if a little hidden when communicating face to face. Small symbols or pictures do not attract extra attention, but look very stylish in girls, even if the ears are not quite small and perfectly rounded. Such tattoos are easy to hide under the hair, and when you want to stand out - you can just show the picture, gathering the hair in a high ponytail or bun.

Tattoo behind the ear for girls. Photos, sketches, meaning.

Trending small outline symbols, letters and inscriptions. Colorful drawings depicting animals, cartoon characters and insects are popular. You can come up with a drawing on your own or consider several sketches in the salon at the master.


The future top rap artist was born on June 3, 1990 in the village of Leninsky, located near the city of Pavlodar (Kazakhstan). His father, Oralbek Kulmagambetov, was a naturally musically gifted man - he had a beautiful and strong voice, played the accordion, and could have become an artist, but he did not. Following the will of his dying father, grandfather Skriptonit, he graduated from technical college (or rather, even two) and became an engineer.

Skriptonit (Adil Jalelov) as a child
Scriptonite (Adil Jalelov) as a child.

His father was strict and irascible, and often drove his wife to tears in front of his young son. In the end, by Adil's own admission, he often wished him dead as a child, but, growing up, he regretted it very much. He noted that he inherited his love of music from his father.

At school Zhalelov was an activist and an exemplary student. He was good at drawing, he played basketball and judo, and he was in the school theater. But one day he showed his rebellious spirit by coming to school shaved naked.

The future rapper did well in school.

At the age of 11, he "fell ill" with hip-hop, became interested in the creativity of Detzl, then - Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre. By the age of 15 he was already writing beats and reciting his own lyrics. He had no special musical education, but he played guitar and listened to a lot of records of different styles - jazz, folk, rock, funk, soul.

His father wanted him to study architecture. To this end, he was sent to Pavlodar College, where he mastered the specialty of artist-master of design.

Skriptonit - Vitamin Among the hobbies of young Adil was psychology, particularly NLP techniques. As he noted in an interview, "at the age of fifteen it's interesting to manage people. He mentioned Stephen King's novel The Shining, Mario Puzo's The Godfather, and two or three books by Charles Bukowski as the books he remembered reading in those years.

When he graduated from high school, he changed his last name from Kulmagambetov to his grandfather's last name, Zhalelov.

Rejuvenating points on the face

  1. The area in the center of the bridge of the nose promotes smoothing the vertical creases between the eyebrows, increases energy potential.
  2. Paired points at the beginning of the eyebrow growth relieve eye fatigue, normalize lymphatic drainage. Activation is effective for combating puffiness and drooping eyelid.

    Rejuvenating points on the face

  3. Impact on paired points at the beginning of the inner corner of the eye near the wings of the nose relieves eye strain and restores blood flow. The massage helps to strengthen the delicate muscles of the lower eyelid, improves skin condition and is effective against bags and bruises under the eyes.
  4. Points at the end of the natural eyebrow growth line help tighten the corner of the outer eye and caterpillar feet. Activation improves the general condition, relieves fatigue and headache.
  5. The points, located a centimeter to the temporal lobes from the outer corner of the eye, help improve the microcirculation of the eyelid skin, the outflow of lymph. As a result of self-massage the network of fine wrinkles is smoothed out, it is possible to raise the drooping line of the corner of the eye, observed with age.
  6. The paired points are located on the growth line parallel to the tip of the ear. The action allows to tighten the oval, prevents displacement of the brow line.
  7. The paired points, located under the pupils in the center of the zygomatic bone, are responsible for an even, beautiful tone. They allow you to refresh the color, maintain elasticity, accelerate the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  8. Paired points near the ear canal, in the fossa of the junction of the upper and lower jaw. The effect helps to cope with the pimples, create beautiful relief cheekbones.
  9. Paired points on the corners of the lower jaw allow you to create a beautiful line of the lower part of the oval, tightening muscles, getting rid of a second chin, reducing the cheeks.
  10. The point one centimeter below the upper lip in the center of the chin stimulates metabolic processes and activates the outflow of lymph.
  11. Working through the paired points on the corners of the mouth helps lift them up and smooth out vertical wrinkles. The effect contributes to visual rejuvenation, as if after injections of fillers.
  12. The point under the nose, above the upper lip, is in the center of the furrow. The vital area helps to bring you out of fainting, to cope with nervous tension, hysteria. Massage has a positive effect on overall muscle relaxation, reducing swelling.
  13. The paired points at the nostrils of the nose allow smoothing wrinkles of the nasolabial triangle, restoring elasticity of the area near the mouth.
  14. The paired points above the wings of the nose also get rid of nasolabial wrinkles, tighten the lower part of the oval.
  15. The chin dimple on the zygomatic bone activates blood circulation and lymphatic outflow. The massage helps to get rid of pimples, second chin, creates a beautiful, clear line of the lower part of the oval.

The meaning of tattoos depending on their type

Initially, tattoos in the form of celestial bodies had an exclusively religious interpretation, although they are not directly associated with any religion. Today, body art can be found on men and women regardless of their religion.

The meaning of the pictures is deciphered as follows:

  • A sense of sublimity;
  • to give dreams and fantasies;
  • brilliance and personality;
  • good luck in all affairs and undertakings;
  • prosperity in all areas of life.

The stars adorning a person will reward him or her with creative breakthroughs and inspiration in various aspects of life. Tattoos have no specific meaning or strict significance. Each person who puts them on can put their own interpretation into the drawing.

Among the most famous are found:

1Starfish. It is the protector of all people whose work is associated with the sea and other bodies of water. Also, the tattoo acts as a patron of travelers and wanderers looking for their way in life.

2A star with the rod of Asclepius depicted in the center. It is a symbol of life, always performed in shades of blue. It was usually applied by people who had a long struggle with a serious disease and were able to defeat it completely. The full meaning of the tattoo depends on the number of rays.

3A falling heavenly body. It indicates that the person is ready for a change in his fate. The drawing will attract good luck to the person, which will further help the realization of the most cherished desires. If a man adorns his body with a single shooting star, the girls prefer to fill at once a cascade of stars.

4The crescent moon depicted with the star. It is a Muslim symbol. People belonging to this religion believed that a tattoo could make them happier, as well as lead to the fulfillment of a cherished desire.

For some people, the stars on the body are nothing more than an ordinary body decoration, for others it is an important sign, according to which you can find out everything about the person. For example, in prison, the symbol is tattooed on thieves who have been re-imprisoned. If the star is put on the wrist of a girl, it indicates her non-traditional sexual orientation.

Starfish tattoo

Popular sketches of drawings, deciphering meanings

Tattoo behind the ear for girls usually carries a special meaning. If the picture was invented by the owner himself, its meaning will forever remain a mystery to all those around him. However, there are symbols, images and inscriptions that can be interpreted if you know what exactly they mean.

Tattoos with an "open" meaning are made to emphasize character traits, appearance, or to immortalize any memories. Further in the article you can find the meaning of popular symbols and images.


Images of flowers symbolize existing character traits. They are also imprinted as a talisman to give a girl the properties she would like to possess.

What do the different types of flowers mean?

  • Amelia - romance, loyalty, pure love.
  • Acacia - simplicity, independence, clear mind.
  • Alstremeria - tenderness, loveliness.
  • Velvets - inquisitiveness, good memory.
  • Velvetveteen - cleanliness, love of minimalism.
  • Cornflower - prudence, confidence.
  • Vetrenica - love of aesthetics and culture.
  • Gaylardia - creativity, positive thinking.
  • Heliconia - gracefulness, arrogance.
  • Hibiscus - good sense of humor, originality.
  • Gladiolus - austerity, elegance.
  • Dipladia - tenderness, caring, love.
  • Doronikum - simplicity, self-sufficiency.
  • Jasmine - femininity, lightness.
  • Ginseng - modesty, fairness.
  • Zephyranthes - taciturnity, secrecy.
  • Iris - mystery, mystery.
  • Ifeion - restlessness, timidity.
  • Ixora - devotion to family, caring.
  • Callas - purity, chastity.
  • Kalanchoe - authority, wealth.
  • Cottleia - justice, vindictiveness.
  • Lavender - vulnerability, sensitivity.
  • Lily - passion, beauty, cunning.
  • Lily of the valley - narcissism, observation.
  • Poppy - impertinence, determination.
  • Mimosa - impressionability, cheerfulness, cheerfulness.
  • Melissa - restraint, austerity.
  • Narcissus - wealth, power, narcissism.
  • Forget-me- originality, creativity.
  • Nemesia - inconspicuousness, observation, modesty.
  • Dandelion - serenity, calmness.
  • Orchid - impulsiveness, fervour.
  • Passiflora - aggressiveness, vindictiveness, authority.
  • Petunia - cunning, inquisitiveness.
  • Peony - perfectionism, peacefulness.
  • Chamomile - naivety, frivolity.
  • Rose - passion, thirst for love adventures.
  • Sakura - wisdom, thirst for new knowledge.
  • Lilac - egocentricity, courage, desire for fame.
  • Tobacco (flowering) - vigilance, sharp mind.
  • Tevetia - minimalism, modesty.
  • Tulip - ideality, impressionability.
  • Violet - flashiness, impertinence.
  • Phlox - discipline, stress resistance.
  • Chrysanthemum - good luck, charm.
  • Chicory - good health.
  • Rose hips - simplicity, elegance.
  • Edelweiss - cunning, tendency to deceive.
  • Etlingera - extravagance, elegance.

Tattoo behind the ear for girls. Photos, sketches, meaning.

Tattoos in the form of flowers look better in color. Black and white drawings can be contoured, then they will look feminine and beautiful.


Tattoos behind the ear for girls with images of birds look gentle and attract attention. Birds are a sign of love for freedom. They are tattooed by those who love solitude, and spend their free time with a close circle of friends. There are exceptions, because some birds have a flighty character.

You can choose a tattoo with a bird by reading the meanings of the most popular images.

Printed picture will emphasize the existing character traits and help to acquire new ones:

  • Stork - love for children, devotion to the family.
  • Snipe - agility, talkativeness.
  • Golden eagle - determination, vindictiveness.
  • Crow - connection with black magic, mystery, solitude.
  • Sparrow - simplicity, frivolity.
  • Bittern - modesty, reticence.
  • Dove - peacefulness, happiness.
  • Rook - the love of noisy companies, friendliness.
  • Woodpecker - inquisitiveness, resistance to stress.
  • Thrush - restraint, detachment.
  • Lark - diligence, aspiration for a high position in career.
  • Crane - luck, ability to find a way out of difficult situations.
  • Finches - cheerfulness, positive thinking.
  • Oriole - loneliness, love of music.
  • Gyrfalcon - connection with magic, mystery, curiosity.
  • Cuckoo - levity, naivety.
  • Swallow - justice, wisdom, making right decisions.
  • Swan - sign of loyalty and pure love.
  • Flycatcher - fervor, optimism.
  • Eagle - authority, severity, justice.
  • Grouse - mischief, originality, creative thinking.
  • Tit - cunning, sagacity.
  • An owl - a sharp mind, observation.
  • Grouse - shyness, vulnerability, impressiveness.
  • Eagle Owl - romanticism, being in love.
  • A heron - loneliness, restraint.
  • Seagull - love of travel, curiosity.
  • Siskin - good sense of humor, cheerfulness.
  • Schegol - stubbornness, purposefulness.
  • Yurok - cunning, determination.
  • Hawk - strength, authority.

Tattoo behind the ear for girls. Photos, sketches, meaning

Tattoo looks beautiful both in color and in black and white. Fully black recognizable silhouettes of birds is a good option for body painting for those who love minimalism.


The fashion for such drawings came several centuries ago. Animals are characterized by certain types of behavior, depending on the species. People have long noticed this and began to compare human character traits with animals. The image of the animal suggests that the owner of the tattoo identifies herself with it.

The most popular drawings with animals and their meaning:

  • Antelope - a symbol of independence, the ability to make important decisions quickly.
  • Anaconda - a sign of strength and striving for power and wealth.
  • Bulldog - vindictiveness, tendency to aggression, a threat to ill-wishers.
  • Hippopotamus - narcissism, tranquility.
  • Basilisk - cunning, sharp mind, resourcefulness.
  • Wolf - sign of devotion in love.
  • Camel - love of adventure and curiosity.
  • Dinosaur - creative thinking, ideology.
  • Dolphin - wisdom, desire for new knowledge.
  • Raccoon - playfulness, caring, optimism.
  • The hedgehog - a latent danger, taciturnity.
  • Hare - indecisiveness, timidity, naivety.
  • Snake - authority, severity.
  • Iguana - impertinence, rudeness, brash character.
  • Cat - grace, femininity.
  • Koala - good sense of humor, courage, desire to spend free time in noisy companies.
  • Lama - excitement, luck.
  • A lion - courage, desire to be the head of the family.
  • Sloth - stress-resistance, positive thinking.
  • Bear - danger, wisdom, patience.
  • Mouse - observation, modesty.
  • Nerpa - tenderness, devotion to family, peacefulness.
  • Rhinoceros - strength, fearlessness.
  • Donkey - naivety, wit.
  • Sheep - a soft character, misanthropy.
  • Lobster - authority, power.
  • Lynx - attention to detail, desire for order in all things.
  • Elephant - love for home comfort, friendliness.
  • Tiger - desire to win, assiduity, sharp mind.
  • Snail - constancy, serenity.
  • Ferret - sagacity, cunning, ability to quickly get rid of problems.

Tattoo behind the ear for girls. Photos, sketches, meanings

Tattoos with images of animals must be small in size from 1 to 4 cm. They look good in color as well as in outlines and dark silhouettes.


Tattoo behind the ear for girls with images of insects - a bold step. Most often such drawings are chosen by people belonging to different subcultures. The size of such tattoos does not exceed 5 cm.

The meaning of popular drawings:

  • Butterfly - a symbol of an easy character and optimistic attitude in life.
  • Mantis - a serious attitude towards life.
  • Ladybug - mischief, optimism and passion for adventure.
  • Grasshopper - friendliness, circle of friends.
  • Fly - tendency to gamble, luck.
  • A spider - loneliness, modesty and taciturnity.
  • A cockroach - creative thinking, the desire to feel special.
  • A bee - solicitude, diligence, desire for a successful career.
  • Bumblebee - love of good food, aesthetics and culture.
  • Caterpillar - unhurried, measured lifestyle.
  • Dragonfly - calculating, strong willpower.
  • Beetle - secrecy, austerity and irascibility.
  • A tick - vindictiveness, a tendency to deceive for one's own benefit.
  • Bug - nagging, annoying.
  • Ant - simplicity, ability to support loved ones.
  • Scorpion - shyness, inclination to deceive.
  • Centipede - self-sufficiency, the desire to keep everything under control.
  • Spider "black widow" - connection with magic, the danger to ill-wishers.

Tattoo behind the ear for girls. Photos, sketches, meaning

Many girls prefer to stuff the black and white images of insects, but more extravagant look tattoo with a 3-D effect. Realistic colors and volume of the image attracts attention. Some owners of such tattoos say that other people often take the drawing for a real insect sitting behind the ear.


Such tattoos are very small in size from 0.5 to 1 m. More often than not, symbols are printed in black or make only an outline.

What can mean different signs:

  • Star - a symbol of the desire for popularity and a wide circle of friends.
  • A triangle is a sign of simplicity, an easy attitude towards life.
  • The square symbolizes modesty, secrecy and taciturnity.
  • A circle is a symbol of infinity. In the spiritual sense, a circle symbolizes the cycle of souls, in other words, it is a sign of belief in reincarnation.
  • Several dots - mystery, the desire to appear interesting personality.
  • The cross - the ability to get rid of fears and unnecessary worries.
  • Plus and minus - symbol of a versatile personality.
  • Heart - romance, fidelity in relationships.
  • Droplet - symbolizes a philosophical attitude towards life.
  • Smile - positive, cheerful and full of self-acceptance.
  • Sun - sign of happiness, love and warmth of heart.
  • Token - purposefulness, diligence.
  • Symbol of femininity, tenderness and lightness.
  • Note - love for creativity.
  • Crescent Moon - solitude, love of reading.
  • Lattice - sociability, friendliness and out-of-the-box thinking.

Tattoo behind the ear for girls. Photos, sketches, meaning

Symbols belonging to different cultures are popular, such as the rotunda, the sign of Venus or the Indian cross. Such drawings can have a special meaning, which the wearer herself endows it with.

A positive feature of tattoos in the form of symbols is inconspicuousness. Small drawings do not attract extra attention and are easy to hide under the hair.

Inscriptions in Russian and foreign languages

Inscriptions are a special kind of tattoos, because you can put more meaning into them than into small drawings. Girls type different phrases in Russian, if they want the meaning of the tattoo to be clear to those around them.

Examples of philosophical phrases:

  • To each his own.
  • Without risk, there will be no glory.
  • No one appreciates what is plenty.
  • Beauty will save the world.
  • What you seek, seeks you.

Tattoo behind the ear for girls. Photos, sketches, meaning

Phrases about love:

  • Love for you is forever.
  • The source of love is in us, not in those we love.
  • Without love, life is meaningless.
  • The talent is to love the soul without touching the body.
  • In the hour of love hides life.

Phrases for optimists:

  • Keeping our tails in the air.
  • If there's no sea outside, look for it inside...
  • The secret of happiness is dreams come true.
  • I am always 18. The rest is life experience.
  • If you want to be happy, just be happy!

Sad writings:

  • Pain sometimes goes away, but thought doesn't.
  • Loud laughter can't hide heartache.
  • Sometimes I'm not here, I'm somewhere good.
  • Happiness passes very quickly.
  • There are no guilty ones in love, only victims.

Inscriptions of myself:

  • I'm the kind of person who loves quietly, endures much and leaves boldly!
  • I have a crazy soul.
  • Your look catches the girls, but you can not look at me.
  • I want to make the world a better place.
  • I love to hear cats purring, but I don't listen to people's lying words.

Tattoo behind the ear for girls. Photos, sketches, meaning

To hide the meaning of the inscription from prying eyes, you can translate it into another language. Not everyone knows foreign words, so most people will not be able to read the tattoo phrase.

The most popular languages in which it is fashionable to translate phrases for tattoos:

  • Latin;
  • Hebrew;
  • English;
  • French;
  • Arabic;
  • Chinese;
  • Korean;
  • Japanese.

The table shows examples of phrases in different languages with translations:

LanguagePhraseRussian translation
LatinRisus et caritatem viventem.To live, laugh and love.
Semper in mente et corde.In mind and heart forever.
Fatum meum est consilium.My fate is my decision.
Beatitudo transmittere ad.Forward to happiness.
Beatitudo est parva.A little happiness.
Hebrewהמשפחה שלי היא היקרה ביותרMy family is the dearest thing.
הנשמה היא בת אלמוותThe soul is immortal.
הכל אפשרי כאןAnything is possible here.
אורח מגלקסיה אחרתA guest from another galaxy.
הילדים שלי הם הפרחים הכי יפיםMy children are the most beautiful flowers.
EnglishNever giving up.Never giving up.
I love the sun.I love the sun.
I like to talk to myself.I like to talk to myself.
I am always happy.I am always happy.
I listen to your breathing at night.I listen to your breathing at night.
FrenchUne femme est heureuse quand elle est aimée.A woman is happy when she is loved.
Je fais la bonne chose.My actions are faithful.
Je suis libre. Dans tous les senses.I am free. In all directions.
Ne manquez pas le bonheur!Don't lose your happiness!
J'aime le silence.I love silence.
Arabicالحب خالدLove is immortal.
كل شيء سريع
Life is fickle.
شكرا أمي على حياتيThank you mom for life.
الرب يحبنا جميعاGod loves everyone.
جميل كالنجومBeautiful as the stars.

Tattoos in Chinese, Japanese or Korean often consist of only 1-3 characters. That's the way these nations have their writing system. 1 character can stand for a word or even a phrase. For tattoos girls choose those characters that they find more beautiful.

Tattoo behind the ear for girls. Photos, sketches, meaning

Some examples with translations:


Hieroglyphs are written using a special font. The tattoo-master will show several variants of the design of the inscription. The font can be "soft" with semicircular corners or "aggressive" with sharp and sharp lines.

Tattoo behind the ear for girls. Photos, sketches, meaning

The skin behind the ears is sensitive, so the tattoo must be properly cared for. The master at the end of the session will advise to buy an ointment for quick healing. Girls who like to wear earrings and ear cuffs will have to give up their favorite jewelry for 1 week.

How much does it cost to make tunnels in the ears?

The price of tunnel piercings varies depending on several factors:

  • Whether the earlobe has been pierced or only a stretch is needed to be inserted;
  • The method chosen to make the tunnel - using a reamer, surgical incision or perforation;
  • The need for anesthesia and the cost of the anesthetic;
  • The cost of the dilator and the primary earring, if purchased in the salon.

The pricing policy of each individual salon also plays an important role. But do not skimp on this procedure, because health is more expensive than dubious "savings" on piercings from unlicensed professionals.

The spot above the upper lip - a tattoo. What can you do if nature did not give you such a mole?

  • You can draw it with an ordinary eyeliner pencil. When choosing a color take into account the color of your hair: if you have black hair, then the pencil should be black;
  • It is possible to get a tattoo. But before you resort to such a radical method, make sure that such an element will suit you 100%. And one more thing: keep in mind that regular tattoo ink will start to change the branch over time, which means that in ten years your cute black fly may well become blue. If you're not ready for such a drastic change in appearance, you can use permanent tattooing. First of all, it's much easier to remove. And secondly, you can easily make changes to the color scheme;
  • You can do piercings. You've probably seen how some girls pierce the area above the lip and insert a small barbell. But this method is not suitable for everyone. And before you do something like that, you should think whether such a change will be compatible with your lifestyle. And if in a few years you decide to get rid of the piercing, in place of the piercing, it is likely to leave a scar.

The harmony of nature

Flowers in women's tattoos are probably more common than any other images. But nature has given us so many beautiful plants that it is unlikely that this theme will ever become quite a hackneyed one. A picture of a pink watercolor lotus behind the ear, for example, will look gentle and bright. The pink flower is considered a symbol of Buddha, so such a work would indicate a harmonious personality. Small flowers also look interesting on the cartilage of the ear, stuffed in the place of the piercing. If you pick up an earring with a bright pebble, it will become a shiny middle of a flower.

Positioning the pattern or inscription

The positioning of the tattoo behind the ear can be different ways. Very small drawings are placed close to the ear or, on the contrary, they are placed closer to the line of hair growth. It is also possible to hide a small symbol on the back side of the ear. Usually, such tattoos have an intimate meaning, so they are printed in places invisible to other people.

Tattoo behind the ear for girls. Photos, sketches, meaning

Long inscriptions in small print can be printed along the hairline or placed horizontally behind the earlobe.

Girls who like informal style choose large tattoos, where the inscription starts behind the ear and moves smoothly to the neck.

Tattoo behind the ear for girls. Photos, sketches, meaning

Drawings between 5 and 7 cm in size are placed horizontally, from the edge of the shell to the line of hair growth. They can be placed at different angles. Such tattoos are highly visible and will attract attention.

More than a hobby

People who can afford to make a living doing what they love, everyone is kindly jealous. Unfortunately, the reality is that not everyone is so lucky. If you are one of these lucky people, why not capture on your body the image symbolizing your profession? A microphone, a plectrum, sheet music or a violin key behind the ear are great ideas for a born singer or musician, brushes or a palette will suit a talented artist, scissors - a master hairdresser.

Personal life Skriptonite

The musician is not married. Previously, he had a long affair with the artist Martha Merems, which he preferred not to advertise. According to the media, it was to her that his composition "Love" was dedicated. Scriptonite - Love The rapper hates social networks and considers the desire of some users to flaunt their personal problems to be nonsense. On his VKontakte page there is no information about his private life, including former lovers. He posts the photos he likes on Instagram without making any descriptions or comments.

On the photo: Martha Merems, ex-girlfriend of Skryptonite
Pictured: Martha Merems, Scriptonite's ex-girlfriend

In June 2021, he posted some pics of his one-and-a-half-year-old son, Lucha, who was born to him by his ex-girlfriend Nigora. She is a dancer and lives with the boy in Shymkent.

Scriptonite's son is named Luchi
Skriptonit's son's name is Luchi.

In one interview, he called himself a sociopath and stated that he doesn't like large crowds of people and that people in general piss him off. In order to feel relaxed when he is "pulled by everyone on all sides", he has to constantly maintain, in his words, "contact with alcohol".

Tattoos by Scriptonite
Skriptonite's tattoos

The rap singer, who has his own vision of the genre, hardly listens to songs in Russian. Colleagues, including Ivan Dorn, ATL, Oxxymiron, speak positively of his work, and Basta, the main mentor, considers the Kazakh rapper a genius.

The road to success

For the first time the rap musician went on stage at the age of 16. This event occurred during a city festival in Pavlodar. The audience was delighted with his bright and unusual performance, and they talked about him as a talented nugget from the backwoods. In 2009 the young performer with his friend Anuar Erikovich (Niman) organized a music band JILLZAY, which also included rappers Strong Symphony, Six O, Truwer, Yurik Thursday. They successfully performed in all cities of Kazakhstan and presented a number of hit singles.

Scriptonite and the band Jillzay
Skriptonit and the band Jillzay

An important step on the creative path of the performer was the release of the video "VBVVCTND" (stands for "Choice without options, everything you gave us") together with Niman in 2013. The main part was filmed in the artist's native village, against the background of a gas station where his mother used to work, abandoned houses, the bare steppe, and demonstrates the hopelessness of living in the province. Skriptonit's first music video - VBVVCTND The success of the clip on the Internet surpassed the expectations of the authors. The number of its views on YouTube for a few days reached half a million. This work also interested specialists. Skryptonite was offered cooperation by the producer and "Gazgolder". After talking to the co-owner of "Gazgolder", rap singer Vasily Vakulenko (Basta), the singer received the status of a resident of the label. With the track "VBVVCTND" the rapper performed in the concert tour of this music label in support of the picture "Gasolider".

Scriptonite is part of the Gasolider label
Skryptonite is part of the "Gasolider" label

The singer presented the singles "Not Welcome," "Yours," "Locks," "Space," "5 Here, 5 There," and "Your Bitch." In 2021 at the concert of the rapper Guf (Alexey Dolmatov) in Voronezh he, Skriptonit and Rigos (Igor Rylov) presented a joint work "Perspective". The Kazakh performer was a guest artist in the creation together with Rigos and BluntCath (Andrei Lehman) of the song "Accidents".

The rapper, who has charisma unlike anyone else, participated in the recording of the joint CD of Basta and Smokey Mo (Alexander Tsikhov). With fellow Gazgolder Dasha Charusha he released the single "Space", which was a success in the iTunes charts and took 22nd position in the top 50 tracks of the year (according to portal The Flow). The same period saw the release of the composition "Your Bitch", a collaboration between him and Pharaoh (Gleb Golubin).

GQ's Discovery of the Year 2021
Discovery of the year 2016 according to GQ

It should also be noted the music videos with Skryptonite "Ice" and "Slumdog Millionaire", which gained a lot of views on YouTube. The last of them was the second in the list of the best domestic video works of the year according to the main rap portal of the Russian Federation Basta / Smokey Mo ft Skriptonit - Ice The same year the rapper's unusually effective debut CD "House with Normal Phenomena" was released. Critics compared it to an unusual retelling of an art house movie. It harmoniously blended tracks of different genres - hip-hop, rap with blues-rock, vocals with inarticulate whispering, recitative and screaming. It came in second place on the iTunes chart, behind only the disc of British star Adele, and was the first in the ratings from and The Flow.

At the end of 2021 there was a studio disc "718 Jungle" of his band Jillzay (718 is a telephone code of Pavlodar), in 2021 - their mini-album "Open Season", created with the participation of the artist.

Rejuvenate the skin.

Very important point, as it is the key to the effectiveness of the procedure. As a rule, the points are located in small depressions under the skin and are slightly painful when pressed.

Eye points

The eyes are our most problematic - and there's no need to hide it - area. Regularly acting on the points listed below, you will make the delicate skin of the eyelids firm, smooth, and eyes - shiny, bright and attractive. Don't believe me? Check it out!

- The first important point, the 'third eye', is about 1 cm up from the bridge of your nose (between the inner ends of your eyebrows). It should be pressed quite firmly. It is also massaged when the nose is bleeding, for flu, runny nose, headache.

- The following points relieve swelling and puffiness, add shine to the eyes, relieve eye strain, improve vision - they are located in the hollow on the inner corners of the eyes. If you massage them thoroughly for 3 seconds in three passes, you will immediately feel their beneficial effects.

- A very important point is located in the middle of the eyebrow just above the pupil (located as it were in the hollow between the two tubercles). It relieves eye strain. It is very helpful if you read or work a lot on the computer during the day, as well as for myopia.

- Stimulation of the point located 1 cm from the outer corner of the eye to the temple is very effective against crow's feet.

- More important points are in the middle under the cheekbones at the level of the middle of the pupil

- It is very useful to finish with light pressing movements along the upper and lower edges of the eye orbit (especially pay attention to the point under the eye, one cross finger below the lower edge of the orbit, on the pupil line - also helps with dizziness).

Massage each point for about 10 seconds, in three stages.

Lip points

To have a charming smile and forget about nasolabial folds and wrinkles near the mouth, massage these points regularly:

- In the center under the lower lip. With its help you can also relieve facial swelling, toothache (in the lower jaw), massage this area is also used in cases of facial nerve palsy.

- Against folds near the mouth: With the tips of the middle and index fingers, massage the corners of the mouth for 30 seconds.

- With three fingers (index, middle and ring finger) of both hands, placed in a row over the upper lip, make 4-5 strokes. This exercise prevents the appearance of vertical wrinkles on the lip. By the way, the point under the nose - if it is massaged intensively - can "bring back to life" after fainting.

Skin rejuvenation

The points against wrinkles on the forehead

To avoid premature expression lines on the forehead and smooth the already acquired, it is enough not to frown, not grimace and apply these exercises:

- Using the middle and index fingers of both hands, smooth the forehead from the middle to the temples for 30 seconds.

- An important point is one transverse finger above the eyebrow on the pupil line. Massaging it will help you with dizziness, brow pain, chicken blindness and trinity nerve neuralgia.

Photos of tunnels in the ears

Tunnels in the ears look original and always attract attention. Guided by the photo, you can choose the desired size and shape of the ear jewelry - the classic version of the ring, or more restrained small plugs with a minimum of decoration. A more extravagant variant is ultra-large tunnels, which are suitable for decisive and unconventional personalities.


For women

For men