Biceps volume - what size should be in men, a table by year and how to measure the girth correctly?

Strong, masculine arms with well-defined muscles, undoubtedly, an important component of the image of a real man. It is not for nothing that the beautiful half of humanity is attracted to muscular arms, just as men are attracted to women's slender legs or the part of the body from which they grow. In general, the presence of large "pumped up cans" is a definite plus, but it is also important to know - what volume of biceps should be in men and women at different ages. What this or that volume can mean, as well as how it affects a person's life. Let's find out!

How to measure biceps volume

In order to measure the volume of your biceps, you need to use a tape measure. If you do not have such a tape, you can measure with a rope, finding out the circumference by putting the rope to the ruler.

There are two ways to measure total biceps volume:

  1. The first is when the biceps are in a relaxed state.
  2. The second is when the muscle is under tension.

In the relaxed state, you have to hold your arm in a natural upright position and measure the biceps right at the center of the shoulder. This method will be correct for most people, but for bodybuilding it is more relevant to measure the size in tension, because that is how bodybuilders demonstrate their muscles on stage.

It is necessary to consider the fact that measurement should not be carried out during pumping, because the rush of blood to the biceps tissue will make it larger only for a short time and literally after a few hours the figure will be completely different.

In tension measure the biceps in the widest place or, as it is correct to say, at the peak of the biceps. Naturally, in tension, the arm should be bent at the elbow joint.

What is biceps

Biceps is the biceps brachii muscle, which is located in the space between the scapula and the radius. It is involved in flexion of the shoulder and forearm. It is one of the most noticeable on the human body. Bodybuilders pay special attention to it, and through persistent training, can achieve a significant increase in this muscle. For many bodybuilders, the size of these "balls" is of principal importance and is an indicator of some "coolness" and pride. A significant and noticeable increase in their size is achieved through long and persistent training, which shows the dedication and willpower of the bodybuilders.


What is the norm of biceps volume in men by year

Is there such a thing as a biceps norm or average biceps size? There is a biceps norm and it is based on body proportions. This also applies to bodybuilding, in which it was originally believed that the ideal proportions of biceps were those that were identical to the proportions of the lower leg. Subsequently, the system of calculating the ideal proportions of the body and the normal volume of biceps in athleticism became more complicated, and the golden ratio formula was taken as the basis.

But for men who do not train at the gym, the volume of biceps is quite modest and is not attached specifically to the system of proportions based on the Golden Ratio formula. The average bicep is only 33 centimeters, and the maximum volume is only 35 cm, which is quite realistic for most men! Naturally, we are talking about measuring relaxed biceps.

Table of norms of biceps volume.

Classification by ageBicep volume
20-29 years old33 cm
30-39 years old34,5 cm
40-49 years old35 cm
50-59 years old34 cm

There is no norm for biceps volume when measuring a muscle in a tense state. But, in most people, the volume of the muscle in a state of tension differs from the volume of the relaxed muscle. On average the difference in the volume is 3-5 cm. Therefore the figures given in the table about the volume of biceps in the relaxed state, taking into account the average value, can be considered as normal: 3-5 cm. Also, we would like to add that the volume of biceps is influenced by a number of factors, such as the ratio of weight to height, metabolism, and even lifestyle. So, the figures given in the article are a kind of example, rather than a benchmark.

Measurement of biceps girth: photo.

The volume of my biceps is very modest. When I'm tense it's 43 centimeters, and when I'm upright and relaxed it's only 39 centimeters. What is your biceps volume? Share your biceps measurements directly in the comments! It will be interesting!

Arm muscles at ages 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Genetic predisposition of man and his muscle structure is always a defining point in whether you will have biceps 35, 40, 42, 45, 47, 50, 55 or not, the volume of the arm in a teenager's 35 cm is already at the age of 13 -16 years old, depending on the type of build! This arm volume is usually already present in ectomorphs (skinny type of build) At mesomorphs and endomorphs at the age of 13 -16 years usually the hand already has a size greater than 35 cm closer to forties!

Depending on the type of build, the volume of the cans is different for all teenagers, the reason for everything is genetics and age! In the transition period in every man, girl is the formation of the muscular skeleton a few years after the transition period formed the growth of man and weight, as well as the volume of all muscle groups! Usually the period of formation of the muscular skeleton occurs from 13 to 18 years!

How to know the rate of biceps in women

In girls, the important criterion is more weight, which is related to height, rather than the size of the biceps. The percentage of fatty tissue is also important. By the way, body type is also taken into account, but it plays a secondary role.

To calculate the volume of biceps, you need to substitute the following parameters in John McCallum's formula: Chest volume multiplied by 36%.

Thus, for a chest volume of 85 cm, the biceps volume will be 30.6 cm.

At what age and at what age can one start working out?

Gym at home girl man guya to do fitness at home and in the gym can be as early as 14 years under the supervision of a coach at the beginning of your sports journey to set you technique to perform all the exercises that you can do in the gym, at home!

Pumping biceps in the gym at home

If you train only one biceps your figure will not fully develop, including the volume of the hands will not grow if you do not train all the muscles of the body, our body as a single unit and all the changes in the figure occur naturally is a physiological feature of the body from which you can not escape! If own weight of the person grows then all muscles increase in his sizes therefore it is important to train all groups of muscles back, legs, chest, abs, and not to pump biceps only to make it big!

How to build up biceps in 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 years.

Muscle structure and volume parameters will change every month of training if you do the exercises 2 - 3 times a week so that the arm muscles had time to recover between workouts if the muscles hurt, it is better to postpone the training to another day, when they stop hurting! Pro tip

Basic exercises for biceps pumping with dumbbells and barbell

Photo biceps 35, 40, 42, 45, 47, 50, 55 cm men guys how to pump up!

Exercises with dumbbells to pump up biceps

  • Arm curl with dumbbells in classic grip (can be performed sitting)
  • Alternating arm curls while standing with dumbbells (can be performed sitting)
  • Arm curl with hammer grip while standing (can be performed sitting)
  • One arm curl in sitting with dumbbell
  • One arm curl while sitting on a bench

Exercises with barbell to build up biceps

  • Bench curls with classic grip
  • Bench curls with barbell in a narrow grip
  • Bench curls with barbell and hammer grip
  • Backward barbell curls
  • Bench press with barbell in front of you on a Scott Bench

Exercises on machines to build up the biceps

  • Bench press bench curl
  • Bench press lower grip standing curl
  • Upper grip in the crossover

Program of biceps exercises with dumbbells and barbell


EXERCISE TECHNIQUE - An excellent exercise for the biceps, like the bar for the abs, a static exercise that strengthens the biceps, making it more enduring. The essence of the exercise is simple, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, extend your hand forward and turn it palm upwards, put a pancake of such weight on top of your palm that you can hold it for at least 30 seconds. For body stability rest the other arm on the side.

TIPS - To hold a dumbbell longer, tense your cortex muscles, this will better balance your torso, if your waist feels discomfort, wear an athletic belt.


EXERCISE TECHNIQUE - This exercise does not require any special equipment, you just need a horizontal bar, grab it with backward grip, pull up to the chin level and slowly lower yourself down almost completely straightening arms, leaving little tension in your biceps. Do not allow the body to swing, otherwise the exercise is facilitated by the amplitude and the biceps gets less strain.

TIPS - For those who can do more than 12 times, put a pancake on your belt, and for those who cannot pull up, first put a stool, pull up with a little help from your feet standing on it, and descend solely by the weight of your own body.


EXERCISE TECHNIQUE - The technique of exercise is similar to the exercise number 1, the difference is that the exercise is performed not with free weight, and in the trainer. The main thing is to choose the correct height of the seat so as to have the maximum load on biceps felt. At the upper point, with all your might, strain your biceps to the maximum, so you are able to involve additional muscle fibers in the work.

TIPS - Do not tilt your torso backwards or make jerking movements, as this increases the risk of injury and decreases the effectiveness of biceps training.


EXERCISE TECHNIQUE - A new direction in biceps training that appeared not so long ago, attach one side to a chinning bar or crossover and on the other side put the handles at chest level, move the support at least an arm's length away and start doing biceps curls. Torso, legs and shoulders are fixed, bicep only works.

TIPS - To make the exercise more difficult, while doing biceps curls, position your body at a 45 degree angle, as seen on the picture, this way you will also train your core muscles.


EXERCISE TECHNIQUE - Another exercise aimed at training the forearm, with the difference that in contrast to the usual dumbbell bends there is no turning of the hand (supination), and the dumbbell moves with a neutral grip in one position, with the thumb pointing up.

TIPS - To train your biceps as much as possible, start with bending with both hands, and when you feel muscle failure, start bending with alternating hands. The extra 2-3 repetitions, will stimulate better muscle growth.


EXERCISE TECHNIQUE - Take dumbbells and lie on a bended bench at an angle of 45 degrees, shoulder blades and back of the head pressed tightly against the backrest and do arm bending from this position, during the exercise keep your head and back on the bench, eyes always directed to the ceiling.

TIPS - When doing lifts and lowers, make sure your elbows stay in place and do not go backwards, it is allowed to move them slightly forward in the process of dumbbell biceps lifts.

Why do I need to pump my arms?

Let us first understand why we should pay attention to arms and train these muscle groups. There are several points here:

  • Women like guys with strong arms. This creates the image of a reliable protector, who can protect from misfortune;
  • A beautiful biceps and well pumped triceps look great in summer, for example, in a T-shirt or T-shirt with short sleeves. Just by the arm muscles it is possible to see that their owner is in excellent physical shape;
  • If you are asked to demonstrate the result of your work in the gym, first of all the biceps is shown;
  • Judging by the hands appearance a conclusion is made, as a rule, whether the person is "frail" or not;
  • Well-worked triceps and biceps allow achieving better results in the workout of the other muscle groups. Strong arms allow you to work with heavier weights and, consequently, achieve faster results in the form of muscle growth;
  • Strong arms are a great advantage for the fairer sex as well, because you can easily carry bags and other heavy objects (when there are no men around);
  • A beautiful and firm triceps - a possibility to forget about unsightly arms and "sagging".


EXERCISE TECHNIQUE - Place the rope handle on the lower block of the crossover, taking a step back beforehand so that in the extended position the weight remains on the weight, which will automatically keep the tension in the biceps. With your arms in a neutral grip with your thumb pointing upward, bend your arms while keeping your elbows as still as close to your torso as possible and at the highest point of the lift, tense your biceps to the maximum to achieve a peak contraction.

TIPS - To make the exercise more difficult, perform each arm lift in turn, keeping the torso in a stable position and not allowing it to sway, thus placing the maximum load on the biceps pumping.


EXERCISE TECHNIQUE - Stand on the resistance band with both feet, legs shoulder-width apart, back straight, abs tensed, then hold both ends of the band in your hands and bend your arms up to your chin, extending your arms, keep the biceps in a constant tension, not letting the biceps rest. This is usually used at the end of a pumping exercise.

TIPS - To get your arms maximally bloodied and visually enlarged for a short period of time, perform maximal speed bending for 30 seconds.


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