Top 5 tattoo parlors in Kharkov: where they will hurt you in any style - from "old school" to "realism

The process of decorating your body is one of the oldest expressions of human creativity. People have been making tattoos almost since their appearance on Earth. The tattoo supposedly guarded against evil spirits and helped return home from distant wanderings. Its bearers automatically joined the circle of the chosen ones.

Today, tattoo though and carries a symbolism, but is no longer occult. It is less and less associated with places not so distant. It is now an art form in its own right.

People decorate themselves with patterns for a different purpose, although based on the genetic experience of ancestors: to be fashionable, "in trend", to challenge society, to perpetuate something dear to the heart on your body, to make an oath to a loved one, an idol or a hobby, to decorate the body symbolic for themselves with a drawing.

Tattoo in Kharkov

To make an easy thing - tattoo salons everywhere. But no one wants to get a "portak" and then save for its removal.

In a review we will tell you about the most interesting tattoo salons in Kharkov.

"Phoenix studio"

8 Chichibabina str.

For more than 10 years, Phoenix studio applies paint to the bodies of its guests. Different masters work in their preferred style, lounge atmosphere prevails in the salon, and the work is really high quality.

Choosing a tattoo master Kharkov: what should be considered?

Kharkov is a city of young people and students. So it's not surprising that its residents are willing to experiment. They are both local students and visitors. Therefore, on the streets of Kharkov you can meet a large number of tattooed people.

On people's bodies you can see small inscriptions, small hieroglyphs or tattoos covering the whole arm and smoothly passing to other parts of the body. The subjects of such images are also diverse - and the standard flowers, runes, and unusual, fantastic images, striking the imagination.

You too have long dreamed of drawing on his body? Already decided on the subject of tattoos and the style in which it will be performed? Then you have the main question, "And where to find a good tattoo artist?"

You can use the query "Tattoo master Kharkov", or you can just go to our catalog, where the data about all the leading specialists is collected. Here you can:

  • see what the master himself looks like;
  • see examples of his work;
  • Learn exactly what style he works in;
  • find out his contact information.

Thanks to our directory, finding an experienced, qualified and talented craftsman doesn't take much time! After all, all of the best experts in their field are collected on one site!


Rymarska Str., 17

Tattoo studio and, incidentally, a beauty salon.

Here you will develop a free sketch, decipher the meaning of tattoos, the standard - overlapping the old, masking scars.

If you are interested in tattooing eyebrows, lips - it's all here.

And the master Tatiana Kholodova makes real masterpieces on the skin, though for a considerable fee in this industry (minimum price - 350 UAH).

Bear's Lair Tattoo

Bear's Lair Tattoo is the best tattoo studio in Kharkov, high-quality tattooing, professional tattoo artists. The main advantage of our studio is the homelike atmosphere. We don't have pain, we don't have pathos. It's just like home! You can be sure that the result will not disappoint you. At Bear's Lair Tattoo, it's also a vacation. The most modern equipment. The highest quality ink. No compromises - only the best for you!

If you have an idea and you can't formulate it; if your idea is like a water color stroke on a white canvas - our masters will take your idea to the material harbor.

Every idea is material! From the sketch to the finished work - our masters provide support, mentoring at each stage of the materialization of your tattoo.

Females are twice as lucky - with us you can highlight the beauty of your eyes, lips, with professionally performed permanent makeup. Would you like a piercing? No problem!

Seven days a week. Thirty days a month (one Thursday of the month - sanitary day). You are always welcome. Of course, in order not to create a queue and not to burn your precious time in vain, it is recommended to visit the master by appointment. Choose a time to visit the master to discuss your ideas with him, to map them on paper, or to assemble them into a single concept. We will make time for you as you make time for us. Tattooing, permanent makeup, microblading, piercing - Bear's Lair Tattoo welcomes you!

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  • Kharkov, Sumskaya Street 59; (left of the Palace of the marriage. Metro University).
  • +38 (Viber, WhatsApp)

Uncle Vova TATTOO studio

46 Ludwig Svobody Ave.

In this salon very carefully work on sketches for tattoos, and if the drawing is interesting to the master - then you will make a discount. Absolute sterility of the process is guaranteed - the master has medical education and experience in medical institutions. Probably the most popular tattoo parlor, an incredible number of people come here and only by appointment.

By the way, now the workshop is recruiting people to the team.

Tattoo Studio PHOENIX

We invite you to plunge into the pleasant lounge atmosphere of Phoenixx Tattoo Studio. Here is always a mild and moderate climate and unobtrusive warm attitude to everyone who is sympathetic to our work and simply loves her "Majesty" - tattoo.

For 10 years PhoenixX studio participates in tattoo life of Kharkov, successfully improving and modernizing. All masters of our art community are unique in their own way and prefer to work in comfortable for them tattooing styles. But whether it's "old school" or "realism", any of us will perform our part of this intimate ritual for many, with the quality and sterility of the PhoenixX tattoo studio.

Our Services:

  • Tattoos
  • Tattoo removal
  • Piercing (of any complexity)
  • Microdermals


  • г. Kharkov, Pravdy Ave. 7
  • +38 098 6767 208; +38; +38 093 731 46 01;


Black soul is a tattoo studio created for people. We are appreciated for our quality service and personal approach!

Our tattoo studio uses only quality consumables and equipment. We make a tattoo that suits you!

  • Competent help in choosing a sketch.
  • Individual approach to each client - from the selection of sketches to care for the finished tattoo.
  • In our tattoo shop you will be fully immersed in an atmosphere of art, cohesion, professionalism and positivity!
  • Flexible pricing policy will pleasantly surprise and delight each of our customers.
  • In addition to creating new masterpieces, we will help you to tweak old ones.
  • Free consultation in the studio

We work with everyone and for everyone!

  • г. Kharkov, Metalista str, 10
  • 0931151037 (Telegram, Viber)

Tattoo studio "Skindreams".

Studio "Skindreams" provides services of art tattoo (all styles), piercing and permanent makeup.

Our studio has established itself as one of the best in Kharkov in this type of service. All masters of Skindreams are highly qualified and constantly evolving, participating in tattoo conventions, interesting activities and art tattoo festivals.

The doors of Skindreams studio are always open for anyone who is ready to touch the amazing world of tattooing, piercing and permanent makeup, who wants to be themselves and is not afraid of experiments.

We provide such services:

  • Tattooing - we provide tattooing in a wide variety of styles. We use only professional equipment and all tools meet sanitary standards.
  • Tattoo removal - we use Lumenis Q-switc neodymium short-pulse laser and Light Sheer diode laser
  • Permanent make-up of lips, eyebrows and eyelids. Correction of scars and black eye.
  • Piercing - professional and safe procedure for all parts of the body
  • г. Kharkov, Pushkinskaya str. 25
  • 0634436667 0994496667 0673956667

Tattoo salons in Kharkov - 56 places

In the section "Tattoo salons, Kharkov" found 56 places with information - opening hours, indices, official sites, reviews, phones and addresses in Kharkov.


Master of tattooing Victoria Gromova

  • Kharkov, Druzhba Narodiv Street, 238a
  • +380 (93) 866-48-30
  • Tattoo parlors, Children specialist services

Beauty Studio Lady in Red

  • Kharkov, Sumskaya street, 4
  • +380 (93) 490-70-64
  • Nail studios, Cosmetic services


  • Kharkov, Constitution Square, 9
  • +380 (95) 444-48-82
  • Tattoo Salons, Equipment for beauty salons

Tattoo and Tattoo studio Storck

  • 56 Lesya Serdyuka Street, Kharkov
  • +380 (57) 716-51-13
  • Business trainings, seminars, tattoo parlors

SPA center

  • Kharkov, street Gvardeitsev-Shironintsev, 15/46
  • +380 (57) 717-51-78 reception
  • Gyms, Tattoo parlors

Hairdressing salon Rush

  • 127 Gvardeytsev-Shironintsev Street, Kharkov
  • +380 (57) 750-88-80
  • Tattoo parlors, SPA procedures

Salon Bomba

  • Kharkov, Akademika Pavlova Street 307
  • +380 (57) 755-30-74
  • Tattoo parlors, SPA procedures


  • Kharkov, Klochkovskaya Street, 186b
  • +380 (57) 762-91-33
  • Hairdressing and tattoo parlors


  • Kharkov, Elizarova Street, 4
  • +380 (50) 282-40-56
  • Tattoo parlors, SPA-procedures


  • Kharkov, Gagarin Ave. 40
  • +380 (93) 484-34-44
  • Tattoo parlors, SPA procedures

Diamond Hand Tattoo parlor

  • 23a Rymarskaya Street, Kharkov
  • +380 (50) 633-31-80
  • Tattoo Salons

Phoenix Tattoo Studio

  • 8 Boris Chichibabin Street Kharkov
  • +380 (66) 622-97-86
  • Tattoo parlors

Brilliant Hand tattoo parlor

  • 4 Sumska Str., Kharkov
  • +380 (50) 633-31-80
  • Tattoo parlors

Bazuka tattoo studio

  • 5 Gogolya street, Kharkov
  • +380 (63) 577-22-55
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo parlor White eagle tattoo

  • Kharkov, Mekhanizatornaya Street, 4a
  • +380 (97) 054-20-25
  • Tattoo Salons


  • Pravda Ave. 7, Kharkov
  • +380 (66) 177-32-29
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo studio Bomba

  • 32 Geroev Truda Street Kharkov
  • +380 (57) 751-60-93
  • Tattoo parlors

Uncle Vova Tattoo studio

  • 65b Pobedy Ave.
  • +380 (63) 809-23-38
  • Tattoo Salons

Kills tattoo

  • Kharkov Pushkinskaya Street 79/1
  • +380 (97) 151-63-44
  • Tattoo Salons

Kill Tattoo

  • 79/1 Pushkinskaya Street Kharkiv
  • +380 (96) 603-30-11
  • Tattoo salons


  • Kharkov, Kvitka-Osnovyanenko Street 3/28
  • +380 (66) 550-81-49
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo studio Hermes

  • Kharkov, 23 Augusta Street, 31
  • +380 (99) 601-38-11
  • Tattoo parlors

Studio Marshal

  • Kharkov, Moskovsky Avenue, 190/1
  • +380 (57) 759-48-28
  • Tattoo parlors

Studio Golden Jaguar

  • 56 Yubileiny prospect, Kharkov
  • +380 (50) 202-66-52
  • Tattoo parlors

Lady in Red


  • 4 Sumska Str., Kharkov
  • +380 93-490-70-64
  • Nearest bus stop - Historical museum (Istorichesky muzeum) - 68m
  • Nail Studio, Cosmetic


Laik, studio

  • Kharkov, Pushkinskaya, 5, 1 floor
  • +380 66-541-07-12
  • The nearest stop - Historical Museum (Іhistorichniy muzeum) - 127m
  • Hairdressing, Nail Studios


Bomba, salon

  • Kharkov, Akademika Pavlova, 307, 1 floor
  • +380 (57) 755-30-74
  • The nearest stop - Studencheskaya (Studentskaya) - 47m
  • Hairdressing, Nail Studio

Diamond Hand

Tattoo Studio

  • Kharkov, Rymarska, 23a
  • +380 97-532-38-99
  • Nearest bus stop - Historical museum (Istorichesky muzeum) - 524m
  • Cosmetic services, tattoo parlors


Phoenix, tattoo studio

  • Kharkov, Nauky avenue, 3, 1 floor.
  • +380 93-731-46-01
  • The nearest stop - Street Danilevsky - 139m
  • Tattoo parlors

Brilliantovaya Ruka

Brilliantovaya Ruka, tattoo studio

  • Kharkov, Sumska street, 4, 121 office; 1st floor
  • +380 97-532-38-99
  • Nearest bus stop - Historical museum (Istorichesky muzeum) - 68m
  • Tattoo parlors


Hermes, tattoo studio

  • Kharkov, 23 Augusta, 31, 1 floor
  • +380 99-601-38-11
  • The nearest stop - 23 Augusta (23 Sergnya) - 159m
  • Tattoo parlors

Mama reprimand

Tattoo parlor

  • Kharkov, Chaykovskaya Street, 6.
  • +380 95-494-73-33
  • The nearest stop - Pushkinskaya Metro Station - 257m
  • Cosmetic services, Tattoo parlors

Studio 19

Studio 19

  • Kharkov, Sumskaya street, 19, 1 floor
  • +380 97-333-58-62
  • The nearest stop - Historical Museum - 470m
  • Nail studios, tattoo parlors


DivoTattoo, Studio

  • Kharkov, Pushkinskaya, 50/52, ground floor
  • +380 67-878-79-79
  • The nearest stop - Central market (Central market) - 252m
  • Tattoo parlors

Kharkov Ink

Kharkov Ink, tattoo parlor

  • Kharkov, Cooperativnaya, 28, 1 floor.
  • +380 63-899-44-60
  • The nearest stop - Public transport - 87m
  • Tattoo parlors

Barber Shop

Beauty Shop

  • Kharkov, Monyushko 3a
  • +380 50-307-94-79
  • The nearest stop - Trolleybus Depot number 2 - 273m
  • Hairdressing, Nail Studio


Beauty salon

  • Kharkov, Suzdalskiye Riady, 12.
  • +380 95-620-08-28
  • The nearest stop - Central Market (Central market) - 248m
  • Hairdressing, Nail Studio



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