Ear piercing 2021-2022: trendy ideas and variations of ear piercings

Ear piercings have been decorating the human body for many thousands of years. Today, pierced ears are the most popular way to give your image a bright and original look. Today, ear piercing is one of the most fashionable trends of our time. So what do you need to know about ear piercing so that this procedure is safe, painless and you get a great result?

Ear piercing: history

Ear piercing is the oldest decoration of the human body, and its history goes back to ancient times. This is confirmed by historical excavations, in which a well-preserved human body was discovered. During the analysis, it was revealed that the man lived about five thousand years ago. And don't believe it, he had pierced earlobes. This is proof that ear piercing existed long before our days.

There are several other well-known examples of the antiquity of ear piercings. For example, the famous posthumous masks of pharaohs, which clearly show that in life the pharaohs had pierced ears and wore rich jewelry. And ancient images of the gods of Hinduism are vivid evidence that ear piercing was popular back in those early days.

In the XVI century in Europe, earrings were actively worn by men close to the royal court. Also ear piercing from ancient times was popular among sailors. Gradually the fashion to wear earrings came to the West and ear piercing was already used by almost everyone.

When you should not pierce your ear

Piercing is definitely a bad decision during pregnancy, as you can accidentally get an infection from the piercing.

There are other conditions of Ear Piercing: What You Should Know / WebMD , in which it is not so much contraindicated, but requires mandatory consultation with a therapist or supervising physician:

  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Hemophilia.
  • Various autoimmune diseases.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Conditions in which wounds don't heal well.
  • Any skin problems in the area where you want to make a piercing: rashes, irritation, cuts, moles.

Types of ear piercings

To date, there are a large number of ear piercings. When choosing a type of piercing, pay attention to fashion trends and the end result. After all, not always an unusual ear piercing can fit your image.

Classic ear piercing

The classic type of ear piercing is the most popular and in demand. As a rule, this type does not have a gender restriction. Classic ear piercings are simple small punctures of the earlobe, in which you can wear earrings of any shape, from small stud earrings to large voluminous earrings using precious stones and metals.

Ear piercing: double, triple piercing and more

If you want to give a slightly informal look to your ear, then you can confidently get double, triple and more ear piercings. Double piercing is very popular today and is no longer something special. For those who want to show their individuality, you can apply triple and more ear piercings. But many have more than three earrings on one earlobe does not fit, so further goes already cartilage.

Ear piercing - snag piercing

Snag piercing is a painful type of ear piercing. When performing this type of ear piercing, it is mandatory to use an anesthetic. The snag piercing goes through the central part of the antihairline.

The new trend: one earring for two holes

In recent years, young people are increasingly interested in unconventional earrings with two holes. Or as it is also called "orbital piercing": two piercing holes are made, through which is pushed one earring, resembling an orbit.

Earrings include rings, chains, two pins connected by a chain, or a twister - a spiral resembling a coil of spring.

The new trend: one earring with two holes.

In addition to the usual earrings, other jewelry is also inserted into the ear. For example, a straight bar, which pierces the ear in two points and is fixed by a ball or cone.

Ear cartilage piercing with rings

The most popular ear piercing site after the lobe, is the cartilage following it. Mostly such piercings are done in the upper part of the cartilage. The ear cartilage piercing will give a bit of a rock and roll attitude to the image. It will look very interesting and attractive.

Ear piercing: tunnel

Tunnels on the earlobes were made many thousands of years ago by various cultures. Today, this type of piercing can be found in some inhabitants of African tribes. But modern fashion does not stand still and tunnels are increasingly common among European and Western youth. To get a tunnel ear piercing, the earlobe is pierced as in the classic form of piercing. When the earlobe is healed, a special stretch is inserted into the hole to expand the piercing and a round tunnel is inserted.

What to treat the ears after the piercing

To avoid ear inflammation, it is important to treat it properly after the piercing. First of all, you will need mild antiseptics. This can be any product available, but remember that alcohol can severely dry out the skin and reduce the rate of healing.

Ear piercing after piercing
Ear piercing treatment

Sequence of ear piercing treatment:

  • Once the piercing is done, you should wash the hole with "Chlorhexidine", apply a small amount of "Bepanten" or "Spasatel" on it;
  • Before you wash your head, so that complications do not begin, in the first 3 weeks of healing, it will be necessary to cover all piercings (single and multiple) with a thick layer of fat regenerating ointment. Ideal ichthyol or "Spasatel" - they are oily and do not wash out with water;
  • Reviews claim that if after the piercing of the ears they strongly itch - then the healing process has started. Only in any case, you can not scratch these areas with your fingers;
  • To avoid the onset of inflammation, the piercing must be washed twice a day and scrolled regularly. If this is not done, in the process of healing, the earring will grow into the skin;
  • Later, redness or bumps may appear on the overgrown piercing. If they have formed, then there are particles of skin and dirt collected in the hole - simply rinse the hole with peroxide; Figure Peroxide to treat the piercing
  • To prevent inflammation inside the auricle, it is recommended to drip otitis media drops into the ear during the healing process;
  • If the piercing is overgrown after the removal of the jewelry, you can pierce again only in another place. A hole in the same area is fraught with complications.

Industrial ear piercing

Want to get an original ear decoration, then choose an industrial piercing. This kind of piercing is performed at the top of the ear. A metal rod goes through the cartilage holes in the upper part of the ear. It looks very spectacular!

Transverse Earlobe Piercing

Transverse ear piercing is one of the most unusual and original types of piercings. The piercing is made through the earlobe perpendicularly.

Gold and silver ear pinhole piercings

Ear shell piercings are made in the cartilage of the ear, but not at the top, but approximately in the middle. The type of such piercing looks spectacular and delicate. Earrings for this kind of ear piercing are chosen of medium or small size.

The rule of three.

You can't exactly call it a rule; it's more like basic advice on compatibility, but it's worth listening to. What's the point? Wear only three earrings of different sizes in your ear. The largest one is positioned below all of them, and the higher you go, the smaller the piece of jewelry you add.

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Beautiful ear goat piercing

Ear goatee piercing is a painful procedure, but has a short healing time. The goatee is an oval-shaped cartilage that is located in the central part of the auricle and has a small protrusion.


Why not play around with the shapes of your earrings? They will look quite stylish, even if they turn out to be quite varied.

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Fancy ear rook piercing

Ear rook piercing is a very painful procedure and it will take much longer to heal than other types of ear piercings. This piercing is done on the thickest fold of ear cartilage that runs through the inside and top of the ear.

Anterior ear cartilage cartilage piercing

This ear piercing is done on the part of the cartilage that is directly above the opening of the pinna of the ear. Piercing this part looks very neat and pretty, as the cartilage in this place is very thin and short.

If there is pain or pus in the ear after the piercing

After ear piercing, there can be different consequences. Immediately after the piercing, there will be swelling. There is no need to retract it - if it heals normally, it will go away the next day. If this does not happen and the ear is completely swollen, the lobe or cartilage has started to fester.

Inflammation of ear piercings
Inflammation of ear piercings

Tips on what to do if your ear has become infected:

  • The piercing site should be thoroughly treated with an antiseptic. Miramistin is ideal;
  • To further the place of the ear piercing did not form bumps, you need to gently knead the tissue every day. If numerous granulomas have already appeared, only professional treatment can help;
  • It is strictly forbidden to sleep on the side of the punctures. This contributes to a disturbance of blood circulation;
  • If there is a bump that hurts or itches, it is a granuloma. It is a "skin sac" with pus inside. The most important thing is to remove the pus fluid. Ichthyol ointment, onion cauliflower, aloe leaves can help;

    Inflammation of ear piercing
    Inflammation of the ear after piercing

  • Any of the selected remedy is applied as a compress to the affected area for several hours. After 2-3 hours, remove the compress and change it for a new one. After the second time, you need to wash the hole with hydrogen peroxide, in most cases, this is enough for the pus to start to come out;
  • If the ball is too large, it is optimal to squeeze out the pus by hand. To do this, take a cotton pad and moisten it abundantly with any available antiseptic. Exactly under the puncture point, begin to press lightly on the bump. Pus will come out of the hole. Once this has happened - press a little harder. To finally get rid of the granuloma, apply a compress to the place of piercing with ichthyol ointment.

In addition, even in spite of proper care and careful handling of the piercing, the body may start to reject the earring. In the process, the temperature may rise, the ear will hurt a lot and pus may even be excreted. You can try installing a noble metal earring or ring (this will make it easier to rinse). If that does not help, you will have to remove the jewelry.

Tips for ear piercing

If you decide to pierce the ears for the first time, then choose the classic type of piercing, that is, start with the earlobe. But if you decide to give more variety to the image and apply a complex type of ear piercing, think carefully about the choice of species. We advise to start with a double earlobe piercing. Remember piercing the cartilage is a painful procedure and the healing time is quite long. During the piercing, you have to observe the main condition is cleanliness and disinfecting the pierced area. But everything will heal and you will only have to enjoy the resulting beauty, as well as to please those around you with your new image.


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