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One of the most unusual, but also stylish and refined are the white tattoos for girls. For several years they are rightly considered almost the most fashionable among all modern styles of nail drawings. However, the technology of padding of such tattoos is similar to that applied to drawings with the use of paints of black or any other colors. The peculiarity of white tattoos is that a special white pigment is used for their application, and therefore the patterns are not so noticeable on the human body and do not attract the special attention of others.

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Today, white tattoos are in demand in many countries around the world, but they are especially popular in the United States. Almost all lovers of tattoos at least once thought about a white drawing. After all, they are different from the rest, have a distinctive style and stand out very much from the mass of others. It seems that white tattoo designs give a number of privileges, but this is not the case. More often than not, it is exactly the opposite, and a simple image turns out to be a problem. Today we will talk about exactly such drawings, taking a detailed look at all the positives and negatives.

Where to make a Black Tattoo? Choosing the place for a tattoo

On a woman's body, there are several points on which the tattoo will look especially organic.

  • The wrist. On this part of the body, black drawings look no worse than white tattoos. Hieroglyphs, inscriptions, ethnic patterns, as well as sketches of animals look organically. Such black tattoos on the arm can be concealed under a watch or wide bracelet if necessary. However, the disadvantage of such a tattoo is the painful process of application.
  • Back. On the back you can depict as a small picture, and the whole picture, which can be easily hidden or on the contrary, to expose, picking up open clothing. The image on the back will last a long time, as the skin on it practically does not change. However, if the picture is printed on the spine, shoulder blades or ribs, there can be severe pain because the bones are close to the skin, large pictures require several procedures - the picture is printed in stages. Also for a tattoo on the back it is difficult to look after yourself.
  • Abdomen. Drawings on the abdomen can be placed as in the center or on the side. Usually they are small symbolic images - hieroglyphs, yin-yang symbol, flowers or animals. It is worth considering that the black tattoo looks good on a trimmed stomach, while this part of the body is subject to change: weight fluctuations, health problems, age and postpartum changes may not be the best way to affect the appearance of the tattoo.
  • Neck: Tattoos on the neck look very attractive and at the same time they are easy to hide with loose hair. In addition, it will retain its appearance for a long time, practically not changing over time. Usually a black tattoo is done on the back of the neck, but it can also be done on the side. Usually the neck is decorated with small drawings, hieroglyphs or inscriptions.
  • Feet and ankles. Usually do black tattoos on the thighs in the form of garters or subtle patterns on the ankles (bracelets, chains, inscriptions, flowers, animals). It is worth bearing in mind that the process of applying a black tattoo to the ankle is very painful.
  • The girdle. Traditionally, symmetrical images as well as totemic drawings are applied to the waist.

drawings on legs

The benefits of the white tattoo: or why it is still worth the risk

Because of its coloring, white tattoos look more like scars, and this in turn is not as crazy as scarification. It looks much neater and gentler, so it is easier to decide on a white tattoo than on scarification.

The second positive feature of this type of tattoo is their variety. White tattoo sketches represent to the world in a variety of ways. Most often it is a geometric figure:

  • pyramids;
  • triangles;
  • squares.

Among them you can also find small feminine tattoos, for example:

  • butterflies;
  • dragonflies;
  • dolphins;
  • snowflakes;
  • feathers.

How to properly care for a tattoo?

There are instructions for the care of tattoos, which must be followed to ensure that the black tattoo heals faster and does not get an infection in it. The scheme boils down to the following:

  1. It is necessary to lubricate the damaged place twice a day at home with an antiseptic and healing agent;
  2. Under no circumstances should the crust be torn off, it must be moistened with a special product until it disappears on its own;
  3. Avoid overheating of the skin, temporarily refuse to visit the solarium, the beach and the sauna;
  4. Before going to the shower, lubricate the damaged area with petroleum jelly.

Observing step by step these simple recommendations, you will be able to boast about the tattoo in two weeks, the skin will heal quickly and without consequences.

black tattoos

Features of the black tattoo and contraindications

A black tattoo is a decoration for life, so it is worth weighing the pros and cons before making a decision. If there are doubts in the expediency of the tattoo, it is better to refuse the procedure at all, because the withdrawal of annoying or lost the image - a long, painful and expensive procedure, after which the scars will remain.

For the test you can do a temporary tattoo, such as mehendi - so you feel all your sensations and decide whether you need such a decoration for life. It is also worth remembering that a tattoo requires regular correction, it can lose its shape and fade, the drawings on the body can be an obstacle to career advancement.

beautifully tattooed roses

Black tattoos are desirable to do in a salon - so there is a reduced risk of getting infections. Choosing sketches of black tattoos, it is also better to turn to a professional, who will show albums with albums of his works or will select the original style, which will avoid unpleasant moments: for example, some images in a certain stylization are used in the criminal environment. When choosing hieroglyphs, runes and magical symbols, it is important to know their exact meaning, because such images can affect the future life and destiny.

Tattoo with a compass and a rabbit

There are medical contraindications to tattooing, which should be taken into account to avoid serious health problems. It is impossible to do a tattoo in black paint to persons:

  • With a low pain threshold;
  • With mental disorders;
  • suffering from cardiovascular and skin diseases;
  • During pregnancy and lactation.
  • Also it is necessary to refuse the procedure during the critical days, with fever, colds, alcohol and drug intoxication.

ethnics and roses

White tattoo designs: where did it all begin?

Black tattoos were the first! It was them that were stuffed by shamans, warriors, and then just lovers to decorate their bodies, using for this purpose pigments and paints of all kinds.

The first ink was soot and charcoal. With these natural components, the first body paintings appeared in the world. They were intimidating and were rather totemic in nature.

After the science went far ahead, it became possible to create tattoos of any color, among others white was no exception. This is not only unusual, but very difficult. To get a quality result is sometimes impossible. However, about everything in order.

How to avoid problems with a white tattoo

The question of how to still apply a white tattoo remains open. If you decide to take such a step, carry out a full-scale work on the search of a good master. In principle, any tattoo should be done by a well-known and talented specialist, but in the case of the white tattoo requirements to the master significantly increase.

A well "stuffed" hand will allow to avoid uneven lines, distortion of the figure. Remember, what is drawn on a sheet of paper and what will be on the body are two completely different drawings.

In no case should you put your body in the hands of an inexperienced master. Because of its inexpressiveness the white paint will be very faded, and if it is applied incorrectly it can be spoiled at all.

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How do white tattoos work for girls?

Why does white paint lose out to black paint?

The aforementioned differences between leather and paper indicate that any design will look completely different on these two textures. And while black paint is able to overlap any color, white paint can't.

But the admirers of white tattoos are increasing every year. Although in practice, these drawings are not as successful.

Please note.
White paint can not overlap the other color, because simply transparent.It is perfectly suited to put highlights, to create contrast on the tattoo.

But this does not mean that white paint is not suitable for a full-fledged tattoo. On the contrary, very often it acts as such, but does not live up to its expectations.

It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that together with the white paint under the skin will get the transfer. He, in turn, will give the figure blue. The edges of the tattoo itself will neatly come off, because the clear borders will be lost.

Small tattoos of white color rather resemble pimples. As if they say hello from adolescence.

Large tattoos can look like huge burns. Of course, with a close look it is easy to see the specific design, but for the most part they still look like nasty burns and pimples. And they will not be a delicious yellow color. At best, such a tattoo will practically disappear over time, at worst it will turn into a repulsive stain.

Why does a white tattoo turn yellow? This may be due to frequent exposure to direct sunlight. Sometimes the paint changes its color under the influence of the human body. And it does not matter how. The main thing is that the tattoo turns from white to yellow.

Pay attention.
It isbecause of the risk of yellowing, manytattoo mastersrefuse to use white paint even to create shades. Depending on the pigmentation of the skin, there is a risk that you will have to repeatedly inject the paint under the skin to get a visible pattern.

Skin or paper: a fundamental difference for paints

Today you can not only create red, black or green images, but also dare to draw on the body with white paints. But is human skin so similar to ordinary stationery? Still, they have some differences.

First of all, paper is an inanimate object. It is dead in its essence and does not change in any way after production. Except for the destruction and direct use of it. Paper without external influence does not lose its appearance, is not renewed, much less produce new paper.

If you draw a picture on a piece of paper, it will stay there, because the paper will not take any action to remove it from itself. While the human body is actively working in this direction all the time.

Human skin, like some other tissues, is constantly renewed. It consists of a mass of cells, which renew themselves and create new layers. And thanks to the circulation of blood in the body, the pigment is washed out of the skin, which forms the pattern.


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