Nail piercings: how to do, design options

Hello, dear readers! Still don't know how to make your manicure unique and unrepeatable? Do you want to look intriguing and stand out from the crowd? Then try getting your nails pierced.

This procedure, unlike any other body piercing, is done without pain or blood. Still, before you venture into this microsurgery, you need to learn about some of the nuances. About the technique of nail piercing, all sorts of options for its design and much more in today's article.

Nail piercing: what is it

Piercing in general is by no means a newfangled phenomenon. At the most different peoples traditions to pierce various parts of the body have their roots in the deep past. But nail piercings, as a design option in the manicure technique, appeared quite recently.

Technically, this manipulation is simple, but requires careful and precise actions. At the free edge of the nail pierced or drilled a small hole, into which you can then insert any, suitable sized decoration - earring, pendant, "nail", chain, etc.

Piercing is preferred to do on the nails, but you can also do it on your own. Only in this case it is better to pre-strengthen them with a special composition on an acrylic base.

The main points in the performance

  • The surface for the work is brought in the proper form - the cuticle is removed, the build-up or correction is made.
  • Making a hole with a special device with a drill.
  • Careful sanding of the edges, followed by the application of a varnish, gel-based composition or acrylic product along the entire space.
  • After the area has hardened, you can insert the jewelry.

Due to the fact that accessories are freely available, many girls do not go to a salon, and make piercings themselves, often resorting to the help of a friend. The finger is placed on a dense mat. With raised nails, instead of a drill, it is allowed to use a matchstick or needle.

Making a piercing on the nail

Professional masters usually make piercings with a special miniature hand drill, on the other end of which there is usually a key for fixing jewelry type "nail".

Buying such a drill is not necessary - it often comes with jewelry for piercings, for example, on Aliexpress.

The drill is placed against the surface of the nail, which is fixed on a surface that is not too hard and resilient. What side to drill from - whatever is more convenient for someone. Masters often do it from the front side, putting your nail under the place of drilling, so as not to accidentally damage the client's skin.

But some do this operation on the back side of the nail - in this case it is not important. Drilling should be done without excessive pressure, but tightly enough.

You can do without a drill, and independently pierce a neat hole with a hot needle. It should be heated by holding it slightly over the flame of a candle or lighter, and then lightly press the point from the wrong side of the nail. When self-piercing the nail itself is usually more convenient to hold on the weight, and the hand leaned on the table.


  • The diameter of the needle must be sufficient for the subsequent fixation of the jewelry.
  • It is better to pierce the needle from the inside of the nail - so there is less chance of damaging the skin on the finger.
  • It is necessary to choose in advance the place for the puncture on the nail and mark it with a point.
  • Do not make the hole too close to the edge of the nail plate.
  • The needle (or drill) should be placed at right angles to the surface of the nail.

Step by step

So, let's say we do the usual classic manicure with piercings:

  1. Prepare the nail plate. Remove the old coating (if any).
  2. Make a classic manicure: file the nails, give them the desired shape, polish the surface with baffle, trim the cuticles.
  3. Polish or gel your nails. Carefully dry the surface.
  4. Make a hole with a hot needle or a manicure drill, following all the above recommendations.
  5. Treat the puncture with any antiseptic - chlorhexidine or regular alcohol will do. It is advisable to do this to avoid unpleasant consequences (such as fungus).
  6. Carefully set the jewelry.

That's all! "Piercing" manicure is ready!


Among the advantages of nail piercings, it is safe to highlight the following:

  • Simplicity. It is possible to pierce a nail in any available place and at any time, special skills are not required. It is enough just to have the nails of the required length - own or artificial.
  • Unusualness. Agree, this design looks spectacular, original and attracts the attention of others?
  • Festivity. It will be appropriate for any celebration, it is only necessary to choose the thematic earring.
  • Harmlessness. With the right technique, piercing does not harm the nail plate, does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Quick change. Disgusted with the pendant? No problem! You can quickly change it to another copy.

Some girls consider as a special advantage the ephemeral nature of nail piercings. Others, on the contrary, consider it a disadvantage. To taste and color, as they say...


I looked through a lot of reviews on forums and found out that, according to many ladies, nail piercings have three main disadvantages:

  1. Discomfort while wearing it. The jewelry is constantly clinging to something and does not allow you to fully do household chores. Although in most designs it is not at all difficult to remove them for a while, and then put them back on.
  2. Damage to the nails. This only happens if you have not correctly followed the technique of the procedure.
  3. Unaesthetic. Controversial opinion. However, the popularity of such nail design is increasing every year.

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Each of us wants to be unique and express our individuality in one way or another. Along with fashionable tattoos, one of the solutions can be a fashionable piercing, made on a certain part of the female or male body.

Today we would like to talk about new piercing trends, as well as to find out what types of piercings will be the most popular and relevant this season.

In addition, we will try to show in today's photo review the coolest ideas of jewelry for fashionable piercings 2020-2021 that will allow you to look amazingly beautiful and lovely in every single case.

Before we move on to fashionable examples of piercings in its various representations, to begin with let's understand the nuances and aspects that can arise when performing or having piercings on one or another part of a woman's body.

And so, piercings are far from a controversial thing, and from a medical point of view, it's not really a good idea how you can decorate your body or a way to express yourself.

First, there is a risk of complications when performing the procedure of piercing an eyebrow, ear or belly button. Secondly, a lot of complications can be caused during the wearing of jewelry and all kinds of decorations in the place of the piercing and the piercing itself.

Trending types of piercings for women in the season 2020-2021 offered different techniques and ways to pierce the ear, navel, fingers, tongue, eyebrow, nose and lip. It is these variations of piercings for women that will be the favorites of our review.

It is important to note the fact that many celebrities, for example, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Vanessa Hudgens and many other famous beauties are ardent fans of fashion piercings, demonstrating its various options.

Celebrities for many years are not ready to part with piercings, every time they go on the red carpet, demonstrate that fashion piercings can look elegant and sophisticated, amazingly complementing evening looks.

Want to know what kind of piercings will prove to be the most desirable and in demand this season, then check out the top 7 coolest and most exciting piercing ideas for women for the 2020-2021 season.

The variety of jewelry

In today's market of products for manicure, a huge variety of pendants, nails, stickers and other accessories for nail piercings. They come in metal, plastic and even gold. Probably, it is not very reasonable to buy the latter, because it is easy to lose the jewelry.

Conventionally, this group of jewelry can be divided into three main categories:

Pendants .

Usually made in the form of rings, earrings and pins.

They are of a modest size. They are the most convenient (or rather, the least uncomfortable) and practical. They can be decorated with beads or crystals. Earrings come in standard rings and pendants of different lengths.

The chains .

They are usually connected to the rings or to the fingers. They look very interesting and unusual, attracting attention to your person.

However, this option of decor is very impractical - not every woman will be comfortable to wear it. Although, what else do girls do in order to draw attention to themselves!


Can be made in the form of letters, symbols, numbers, etc. Their size can be various. You can find unusual volumetric elements.

Like other products for manicure, jewelry for piercings are sold in online stores and in conventional stores specializing in nail service.

A side note. Before you buy a product, you should pay attention to the clasp. It is good if it will be in the form of a clasp. So you can quickly change one element of decor to another or just remove it.

But you can also not buy accessories at all, and use as a pendant on the nail small pendants, rings from chains, etc. They can be clamped with tweezers or special mini-pliers.


Undoubted advantages:

  • Originality - for all its popularity, not all women use the method.
  • Festive look - makes more refined and unique, appropriate in any situation.
  • Adjustment of duration - bored you can always remove or change to a new one.
  • Safe for health without causing injury to the nail plate.
  • Possibility of renewal - at any moment at will on earrings and other jewelry to create a suitable image.

Disregarding the advice of nail designers, many women give themselves a manicure in normal conditions, using handy tools. There is no need to stand in line or resort to an appointment.

To jewelry does not cling, do not create extraneous interference, choose a small size decorative elements, devoid of sharp angles. To avoid damage to the nail, the punctures are made on the tipis of the extended nails, and the entire procedure is entrusted to the master.

Tips of the professionals

To ensure that your manicure-piercing turned out ideal, it is not superfluous to heed the following recommendations nail-masters:

  1. Do piercings on long nails - not only is it easier to do, but it also looks much more spectacular.
  2. For an earring in the nail plate, the ideal solution would be inflated nails - they are much more durable than the real ones and also better amenable to correction.
  3. If you dare to make a piercing on natural nails, it is important to make sure that they are strong enough - otherwise the nails may split and crack.
  4. Do not make the hole close to the edge of the nail - there is a great chance to ruin your manicure (the earring will fall off).
  5. Do not forget that the more pierced nails, the easier it is to break them.
  6. For piercings give preference to the middle or ring finger on the non-working hand - so you will keep your manicure longer, and the discomfort of wearing it will be noticeably reduced.
  7. If you decide to get rid of the jewelry in the nails, then simply cut off this part. With artificial nails in this regard, everything is much easier. But it is different with natural ones: if you want to pierce again, you need to wait until they grow back.

Tip. If your work or hobbies are connected with active activities (for example, sports), it is necessary to remove the jewelry for a while. This way you will protect yourself from injuries.

Design options

When creating a manicure with piercings, do not forget to take into account one important point - the pendant on the nail should blend in with the design, not look alien, artificially inserted. Below is a selection of photos with a variety of options for nail piercings.

What to remember

To summarize:

  • Nail piercings - an interesting and original direction in modern nail art. It looks very spectacular and invariably attracts the eyes of others.
  • This manicure has only one drawback - the discomfort of wearing it. For some people this point is important, but for others not so much.
  • Nowadays, the market offers a very large range of jewelry for nail piercings. You can find elements from a variety of materials, any shape and color.
  • It is not difficult to make a hole in the nail. It is important only to follow the sequence of actions and adhere to the recommendations of professionals.

Girls, have you ever decided to get a nail piercing? Tell us about your experience (bad or good)? Finally, I suggest watching a video about nail piercings and see you in the next article!


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