Superlook: how to wear old-school stuff as an adult and not look silly

What is "old-school" and "old-school stuff"

Oldschool is a certain style in clothing, focused on the revival of fashion trends of past generations, eras. It involves wearing "old-fashioned" things that recall a bygone era. And the representatives of this style recommend not to confuse it with the so-called retro, because this trend has its origins in the distant 20's, while the oldschool fashion is focused on the 80-90's.

How to Wear Oldschool Stuff

Characteristic features of the oldschool style in clothing are loose styles, bold colors, prominent accessories, comfortable shoes, dense materials. Old-school items include leather and denim jackets, rough boots, leather pants, plaid shirts, sneakers and sneakers, worn high-waisted jeans, bomber jackets, vinyl trench coats, printed T-shirts, minis, combo dresses, etc. Oldschool is a pleasant nostalgia for the past and a great way to express yourself.

There are many reasons to love old-school clothing. From the quality of the fabric to the original style, there is a zeitgeist in everything, which gives these kinds of things a special charm.

Thanks to the vintage elements they make the outfit memorable and not banal. These things are immune to changing trends and remain relevant regardless of the season. Moreover, with the right presentation, they can seamlessly fit not only into youthful, but also into more restrained, elegant outfits that are perfect for women in the 30+ category.

History of the style and its characteristics

For the first time the direction of old skool began to stand out in the early 19th century. Such tattoos were mainly made by sailors. The peculiarity of the tattoos was the use of bright shades, the theme was limited to the sea.

The emergence of the style is associated with the hypochondria of shipbuilders. They believed in omens and needed protective amulets, but could not afford to wear rings, pendants and other jewelry, so they began to use tattoos as amulets.

Seafarers made new tattoos during almost every voyage. Most often these were roses, hearts, anchors, and swallows.

Shipwrights who were homesick and bored with their families could tattoo a portrait of their wives. Then the original image was supplemented with bright colors, sometimes other symbols were added.

A great contribution to the development of the old-school style was made by Norman Keith Collins. He was a sailor who had been all over Southeast Asia. There he learned the technique of tattooing.

After he retired, Norman opened his own tattoo parlor in the United States. He combined old skool with Japanese style. Thanks to the sailor, the old-school trend is now considered American, although it originated half a century before Norman's salon opened.

What old-school pieces can you wear now?

To wear stylish outfits with old-school pieces and not look too old-fashioned and ridiculous at the same time, it is important to learn how to make harmonious combinations. Take into account that your image should not consist entirely of vintage items, otherwise cause not admiration, but only puzzled looks from others.

How to Wear Old School Wear

It is very important to keep a balance between old-school and modern by combining vintage with current trends. For example, you can wear rough boots with feminine dresses, leather jackets with skinny jeans, wide pants with elegant blazers, leather skirts with soft knitwear, old-school jeans with trendy blouse, etc. Also, if you're afraid of missing out on your outfit choices, you have the option of limiting yourself to accessories that match the given era. Add, for example, sunglasses in bright frames, a leather bracelet or a vintage handbag with a shoulder strap, and your image will instantly transform and take on a whole new look.

Give your look a bit of sloppiness - so you look modern and casual. Lift up the collar, turn up the jeans, put a belt over your jacket and put a choker or several necklaces around your neck. Thus your old-school outfit will not look like a hipster outfit, but on the contrary, it will look elegant and feminine.

How to Wear Old School Wear

Another way to "soften" any overly bold piece of clothing is to add denim. It will instantly modernize any vintage piece and bring an element of casualness to the look. You won't feel like you're wearing a historical costume.

Don't reproduce exact replicas of outfits from the past. Mix different styles and approach the process creatively.

The prism of a person.

It can also be about the persona. The image of an elderly professor in a shabby jacket with stitched leather elbow patches is old-school. This is a person who refuses to move with the fashion, very conservative, and therefore always attracts attention with his clothes, manners, preferences. The term under study breaks down into synonyms:

  • old-fashioned;
  • old-fashioned.

A sacramental professor will use clothes, a smoking pipe, an old car very carefully, and then the first definition applies to them. But what if something is torn, lost, or stolen? When it is impossible to recover the loss by one's own efforts? Then you can go to the market or ask a master to create a replica in an identical style. And in this case the second transcription becomes valid.

Old fashioned is fashionable

How celebrities wear oldschool clothes

Old-school style in clothing is loved not only by fashion bloggers and ordinary fashionistas, but also by celebrities. And it is not surprising, because outside of red carpets such clothes look original and stylish, and also help to emphasize individuality and taste.

How to Wear Old School Wear

  • Jessica Biel

American actress, model and singer Jessica Biel, who prefers to dress casually and relaxed, chooses old-school ripped boyfriend jeans, a modern sweater and comfortable black slip-ons for a walk around the city. As a result, the actress manages to create a fashionable and trendy casual outfit with elements of daring old-school.

  • Mila Kunis

Hollywood actress of Ukrainian origin Mila Kunis knows a lot about old-school outfits. Considering that there is never much denim, Mila perfectly combines ripped jeans with a vest, denim jacket and white sneakers, creating a win-win look for every day.

  • Anne Hathaway

American actress and singer Anne Hathaway chooses an interesting outfit "from Grandma's coffer" to walk around the city. Anne combines vintage burgundy jacket with wide linen pants, diluting the image with such trendy elements, as white sneakers, crossbody bag and cape in nautical style.

How to Wear Old School Wear

  • Jennifer Aniston

Known to all for the cult series "Friends" and dozens of Hollywood movies, actress Jennifer Aniston prefers to dress boldly and feel as comfortable as possible. Thus, outside of filming Jennifer is often spotted in monochrome, bold, old-school images, which include a leather jacket, skinny jeans, rough shoes and flashy accessories.

  • Amanda Seyfried

The famous Hollywood actress Amanda Seyfried is a fan of minimalism and simplicity in clothing. She is not fancy in her choice of casual outfits, but she always looks stylish. Amanda adores old-school jeans and sneakers, which she skillfully combines with cozy knitwear, urban backpack and fashionable glasses.

  • Jessica Alba

The image of a feminine and cute "doll" in a delicate dress and heels, actress Jessica Alba dilutes with a bold leather jacket, large glasses and a leather chain bag. As a result, Alba demonstrates that you can and should mix different styles in the same outfit, creating an eclectic and unconventional look.

Old School

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The Oldschool style in tattoo culture emerged over 100 years ago. Yes, it is considered old, but that does not hinder its development, on the contrary, every year it acquires new colors and forms. The old-school theme is mostly nautical, because this style is beloved by sailors and travelers. The symbols depicted on the body carry a specific meaning and are designed to protect the wanderer on the road or just to protect him from bad luck. Wearers believe the symbols are talismans for life.

The meaning of some Oldschool tattoos

All tattoos have a specific designation. They carry with them a meaning. You choose exactly what suits your spirit and life. We suggest looking at some of the meanings of the symbols.


oldschool tattoo anchor

This image is associated with the confidence of standing on one's feet. This is a classic image in the Oldschool theme. Mostly it was stuffed by seasoned sailors, as if moored to the ground, having a chance to get back. Also, sailors believed that the anchor on the body would not take them off course. But there is another designation for this tattoo and it meant that the wearer had once crossed the Atlantic.


oldschool tattoo swallow

This design has always denoted the homeland. Sailors said if this symbol was depicted on the body, then the land was also not far away. They believed that by tattooing the swallow on their bodies they could return home. This symbol also signified that the sailor had traveled 5,000 miles on the water.

A sailor's star

starfish oldschool tattoo

Dotwork tattoo style. Examples of works, masters of style, technique, history

Representation of the Pole Star (historically, it is used by sailors to navigate at sea). The star helps to keep the sailor on the right course, and it also symbolizes helping the sailor to return home.


Oldschool tattoo heart

When sailors left for a long voyage, they did not rule out the possibility of not returning home, so they often wanted to depict a heart on their bodies to keep their loved ones close. Sometimes these hearts were just abstract general images. But more often the tattoo was dedicated to specific people, and then the inscription "mother" or the name of the girl was added. The heart is still one of the most popular symbols, both for sailors and ordinary people.


oldschool tattoo razor razor

The image of a razor was used by people with an emotional and overbearing personality. The razor was also worn by people who were outlawed or had been addicted to hard drugs in their time. An explosive and unstable character represents the razor sharp, and drugs are associated with a dangerous blade with which the drug is divided into tracks.

Black & Gray tattoo style - all about the black and gray tattoo


Oldschool tattoo cherries cherry

Cherry is considered a popular symbol among girls and women. Its main designation is chastity. If a cherry is depicted on a branch, it means the innocence and purity of the girl. In the case, if the berry has been bitten, then the girl has already established herself as a woman. And if the cherry is depicted in the fire, then the person is considered a passionate nature.

The best masters of style Old Style

Popular Images with Meaning

Some of the most popular images include the following:

  1. A ship. For sailors, the ship is a second home, and the crew becomes almost family, so such tattoos are the most common. Nowadays, such images are applied by representatives of all professions. The symbol means hope, thirst for freedom and willingness to move forward. It is a positive picture, indicating confidence in the world.
  2. Swallow. If the image is applied to the female body, it indicates the patronage of Isis, who is the goddess of motherhood. For men, the image indicates love, a desire to return home.
  3. Skull. For pirates, it was a symbol of bravery and ruthlessness. For sailors, it was a talisman. Depending on the details, the skull can both protect its owner from hardship and emphasize aggressiveness.
  4. Knife. Indicates a willingness to fight for his values. It is not aggression, aimed at other people, but a sign of determination. The person does not give up in the face of obstacles and difficulties of life.
  5. Anchor. Originally, such tattoos were found in sailors who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. The image is a talisman. It protects from bad luck and magical influences.
  6. Heart. Sometimes it indicated the presence of a partner. As a talisman, the tattoo emphasizes the nobility, strength of spirit of the wearer.
  7. Handshake. An ambiguous symbol that indicates affection, friendship, trust. Often depicted with inscriptions. When surrounded by additional details, the meaning is distorted: in the presence of weapons and other negative attributes, the composition will indicate cunning and slyness.
  8. Roses. Symbolize pure love. Images of flowers are applied by both women and men. The absence of thorns indicates love at first sight. White petals indicate virginity.
  9. Dog. Indicates the loyalty and devotion of the bearer, his courage, fearlessness in the face of circumstances. A man who made such a tattoo is characterized by reliability. He will not give up under the onslaught of life's failures.

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