Drawing easy tattoos with a pen: 45+ fun ideas

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Simple pen tattoos

If you really want a tattoo, you can always determine in advance whether it is suitable, on what part of the body would look better, what size should be. You can do this simply by drawing beautiful and light tattoos with a pen on your hand. In addition, this way you can regularly change drawings.

Ideas for pen tattoos on the hand: easy pictures

As a picture for a pen tattoo, you can choose anything. Especially popular are the new fashionable options:
  • Animals in a single line;
  • Unusual patterns;
  • Flowers;
  • Inscriptions;
  • Mini drawings.

While the inscription can directly express personal wishes, other tattoo options will require sketches or blanks that can be redrawn. Special attention should be paid to mini-drawings, carried out in a minimalist style.

To such drawings can include household objects, imaginary creatures, pictures from movies, the outlines of different things, Internet memes, celestial bodies (stars, moon, planets), hearts.

For example, some might draw a UFO saucer, and some might choose the famous trollface meme. The imagination here is not limited by anything.

The main rules of style for mini pen tattoos are:

  • Small size;
  • Simplicity of the drawing;
  • Wide, bold lines;
  • Exclusively outline.

If you follow these rules, you can draw a very beautiful and unusual tattoo and then change it as you see fit.

Easy animal pen tattoos on the hand

The most unusual animal tattoo is drawn in one solid line. This is a variation of the real style of tattoos - linework. To draw such a tattoo with a pen, you can only practice in advance, because it is important that the line turns out even.

Usually one line draws contours or silhouettes:

  • Cats;
  • Birds;
  • Snakes;
  • Spiders;
  • Foxes;
  • Wolves;
  • Lions.

It is best to draw animals on the arm or ankle. For girls will also look beautiful such a drawing on the shoulder, collarbones or wrist. To draw on the collarbones, it is better to use the method described earlier. Or just draw the animal on paper, trace the outline several times and lean it against the skin to imprint it.

How to make an outline? - 4 rules for doing it

To become a successful tattoo artist, it's important to not just practice a lot, but to know how to do it right. There are as many complex rules and nuances in the art of tattooing as there are in conventional painting, perhaps even more. And in order to make a quality tattoo, you need to know how to apply contours, shadows, inked areas and so on.

In this article we will tell you about 4 rules of contouring in a tattoo, the safest and most budgetary way to practice - practice on bananas. Of course, you should understand that the properties of a banana peel are far from the properties of human skin. Making a contour on a banana is much easier, in addition, it does not give cushioning, but it is still possible to practice on it.

On a banana you can easily work off and hone your contouring skills in tattooing. On a real person, this skill will only need to be adapted. To do this, as practice shows, is not difficult at all.

To learn how to lead the contour, it is necessary to remember, master and realize 4 rules:

1. The depth of the piercing to which the needle will sink into the skin;

2. Angle of inclination of a needle and a tattoo-machine during conducting a contour;

3. The speed at which the line is drawn;

4. The evenness of the applied lines.

Note that evenness is at the bottom of this list. Why is this so? - Let's talk about it further.

The depth of the puncture of the skin (in our case, the banana peel) is the main rule to be followed. Incorrect depth will bring deplorable results that will be hard to come to terms with. These results will be irreparable, so depth control comes first.

To get the depth right, you don't just need to get the needle out of the tip correctly, while you're working, but you need to monitor directly how deep the needle is sinking into the skin. When you learn to feel the depth, you will determine it by the vibrations coming from the machine, you won't care if the transfer outline is filled with paint or if the needle is set to 1.2 or 2.2 mm.

So, simply set the maximum distance from the armature of the machine to the coils (which will be the depth of the needle), and in the process of tattooing, control the depth of penetration of the needle with the ink. After 2-3 weeks of regular practice, you will realize how deep the needle should penetrate the skin.

The second rule is to determine the correct angle of the machine. All savvy masters know that the machine in the process of work should be placed at an angle. The unwritten rule among the tattooists is as follows: the more in the bunching of needles, the smaller the angle should be, and vice versa, the smaller the needle (for example, 3RL, 5RL or 7RL), the greater the angle should be, that is close to 90°. In addition, the place of application should be taken into account. The more difficult it is to pierce the skin, the smaller the angle of the tattoo machine should be. And remember about the direction of the angle - the angle must be strictly along the line, not sideways, or in any other way. Otherwise, the paint can float.

The speed of contouring varies from master to master. Some contouring is faster, others slower. If you contour quickly, less paint will go under the skin and the lines will be lighter. On the contrary, if you contour too slowly, more paint will go in, the lines will be greasier, and this will lead to a lot of skin trauma (and as a result, a long healing time).

If you lead the contour quickly, the needle should be driven a little deeper, and vice versa - if you lead the contour slowly, the depth of the puncture should be made shallower.

And the last rule is the evenness of the lines. It stands in last place, because if the first three rules are not respected, smooth lines have nothing to save the job. So, having learned the previous rules, the last one will be done by itself.

In fact, learning to beat the contours is much harder. It is necessary to take into account the type of skin, the place for the tattoo and so on. However, these four rules - there is a base, which should always be adhered to.
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Pen pattern tattoos on the hand for beginners

Patterns are the most favorite and easiest design option for tattoos. Such pictures will suit both guys and girls. You can choose something unusual in the style of mehendi - for girls, or Maori drawing - for boys.

The main elements of the patterns include:

  • Curls;
  • Triangles;
  • Circles and semi-circles;
  • Crossed lines.

Patterns can be combined with each other, complemented by other patterns or dots. In this case, the style of Dotwork tattoos, which is performed exclusively by dots of different sizes, cannot be repeated with a pen. The paste spreads and smudges more easily, making it difficult to do doodle.

Patterns can be drawn on any part of the body. The size of the pattern can also vary from the smallest to the largest, covering a certain part of the body as a whole. Individual patterns can be used to make a new pattern. For example, you can draw a beautiful dragon from several elements.

Floral pen tattoos: the easiest sketches

Floral designs are a great decoration not only for girls, but also for guys. More often than not, young men choose as a tattoo exactly the image of a rose, symbolizing different meanings depending on the location and additional elements.

Flowers look best in small sizes on girls, and large ones with lots of additional elements - on guys. You can draw flowers on any part of the skin, but they look especially beautiful on the shoulders and calves, as well as on the wrists and collarbones of girls.

Not bad and original variant to decorate the seventh is to draw a bouquet of different flowers in a minimalist style, only in the form of an outline. To paint with black paste it is better to paint small flowers, while for large ones red is more suitable.

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Tattoo sketches depending on the style

Our tattoo ideas will help you decide on a specific style as well. It is especially difficult to make a choice for those who have decided to put a drawing on their body for the first time. However, when viewing the pictures, you will understand which particular direction among all presented "clings" to your soul most of all.

If you already have a tattoo on your body, then all subsequent ones should match its style. Not necessarily, but extremely desirable. Then it will be possible to create an overall style composition.

Sketches of tattoos are presented on our site for acquaintance purposes and will help you to be guided at a choice of a concrete figure. Once you get the idea for a tattoo, go to the master and he will create a unique, original sketch for you!


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