The best ideas for women's tattoos on the wrist: Trends 2021

For a tattoo requires a certain courage and stamina, it used to be used in common rites and initiations with different peoples. Tattoos were not worn by everyone, but only by the bravest, strongest or wisest, most often by shamans and warriors. Since those times the art of body painting has stepped far ahead and the opportunity to impose a tattoo is even a teenager, and for this purpose it is not necessary to be able to do magic or dress up in military ammunition. Now let's talk about the tattoos that are located on the wrist of girls.

Small tattoos on the wrist: the best ideas

Nabit myself a volume tattoo will dare not every woman. Therefore, from year to year increases the popularity of small tattoos in the wrist area for girls. Tattoo master recommend to study carefully all the "pitfalls" of this art, to choose a picture for yourself, which you will put on your soft skin and only then make the final decision. Obligatory moment is to know the meaning of your picture, agree that it will be unpleasant to walk around with Chinese characters, which carry the message of your stupidity or, even worse, an insult to others. Lovely ladies are much more likely than the stronger part of the population to get tattoos at the wrist site. And in this, of course, the key importance is the level of professional training of the master, it depends mainly on how painful will be the process of application and quality of the result, because at the wrist skin is very thin and sensitive, respectively, is high. And also whether you will avoid contracting diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS, dermatitis, etc. It is best to apply not to the "known" master in the yard, most often to the "apartment" tattoo master or self-taught, but to a specialist with a name that has established itself in the professional environment.

The meaning of tattoos

Mostly on the wrist girls prefer to do small, cute and delicate tattoos. In any case, the image should be close to you in spirit, something to mean exactly to you, reflect your "nature".

Asterisks .

One of the oldest symbols that were used for tattoos. The meaning depends on how many rays the star depicted on the body has.

Stars on the wrists.

  • Five-pointed star means that the girl is open to new adventures. In her life there are constant changes, but she is not embarrassed at all. It is noteworthy that the five-pointed starfish has long been the mascot of sailors. Now on the body of girls they symbolize safety.
  • The six-pointed star, or Star of David, is a deeply religious symbol. It symbolizes Judaism. If you are not related to this religion or to the Israeli people, it is better to refrain from such a tattoo, as it carries a strong energy.
  • Seven-pointed star - a symbol of good luck and perfection. It possesses a mystical charge of energy. These tattoos are often made by girls who are confident that they have magical or psychic abilities.
  • The symbol of abundance is a star with eight ends, or octogram. It was very often used by pagans, particularly the inhabitants of ancient Egypt.
  • The nine-pointed star (nanogram) is a symbol of stability. Such signs are recommended to adorn themselves to people who can not find "themselves" in life, so you can be more confident "put down roots" and achieve good results in work or relationships. In Scandinavian mythology, the nine-pointed star signified nine worlds, and in Ireland it meant strong, bogatyr health.

Stars with the moon and an inscription

If a person gets a tattoo of a shooting star, it means that some important event happened in his life. In conjunction with the month or moon, the tattoo takes on the meaning of chaos and uncertainty, and is often used in Muslim countries where people practice Islam.

Most often, tattoos in the form of stars are made by young girls just for beauty. They are very nice decorate the wrists, especially if there are a few of them.


Tattoo of a swallow.

Birds have long been considered a symbol of freedom, dreams and cherished desires. That is, if we talk about soaring birds. Such an image is very popular in tattoo culture. After all, thanks to the feathered birds you can create beautiful images and compositions, to convey deep meaning and intent.

Birds are closely connected with the element of air. Therefore, if a girl was born under the "air" sign of the zodiac, then this tattoo will be very appropriate.

Most often, the meaning of the tattoo is interpreted on the basis of what exactly a bird is depicted on the wrist. Despite the fact that almost all representatives of a feathered bird in Christianity means auspicious images, it is worth refraining from the image, for example, crows or griffins. These birds have always been signs of disease and death.

Swallows, sparrows, sparrows... swallows, sparrows, tits, swans, peacocks, pigeons. Such cute birds will bring you good luck and lift your spirits.


Pair tattoo in the form of crowns with initials

This type of tattoo is quite rare, as long ago it was considered to belong to the royal family or "blue blood". The crown was often depicted on coats of arms and flags. Now such a tattoo is common in prisons.

For a girl who puts such a symbol on her wrist, the crown means ambition and desire for power. Thus she emphasizes her position in society. If the crown is depicted with a heart, it will bring good luck to its owner. If two hands are holding it, it means true friendship.


Old-school style diamond tattoo

This stone is a symbol of honesty and incorruptibility. It also represents integrity, purity and devotion. That is why it is most often used for the inlay of engagement rings for lovers.

If you want to attract wealth and success, then this tattoo will suit you. It will attract money and serve as a kind of talisman.


Tattoo in the form of a feather.

This symbol first appeared with the ancient Indians. In the north of America, it meant eternal life or rebirth to it. In those days, this tattoo could only be worn by deeply respected people such as shamans, chiefs and so on. Indians believed that this image allowed a person to get closer to the gods, to communicate with them more often.

Such tattoos come in: traditional, Indian style, and modern, depicting the feathers of a peacock, a crane, an eagle, etc.

It is very important how exactly the feather is depicted. If it is cut into two parts, it means that the owner of such a tattoo suffered a severe shock, loss, her life was literally divided into two parts. A feather lying on the ground, as if abandoned, symbolizes frustration and powerlessness. But if it is red, then, on the contrary, victory.


Tattoo in the form of a bracelet

Now young ladies are increasingly gaining popularity tattoos in the form of bracelets. They look very cute and gentle on the wrist. They are made in the form of ribbons with bows or chains. Often they can be decorated with a cross or any other pendant. This does not mean that the owner of the tattoo - a deeply religious person. Simply, most girls are constantly striving for spiritual development, self-knowledge.

Moreover, as long ago the symbol of the closed circle was considered a very strong sign, this tattoo will protect its owner from various misfortunes. It will serve as a kind of talisman, which will protect from unpleasant situations and "evil eye".


Wrist inscriptions in Latin

The inscriptions on the wrists do not go out of fashion. It is clear that in such a place can fit only one word or a very short phrase. Therefore, it should be considered in advance.

Lovers do in memory of each other tattoos with the names of their halves. So do friends, who want to carry this relationship through life. It is not uncommon to find quotes from the Bible or other phrases on a religious theme. Short sayings of philosophers or sages are also appropriate.

It is noteworthy that in their native, Russian, words are typed rarely. More often young people give preference to English, Chinese or Latin.

Images of animals and plants

Tattoo image of a raccoon

On the wrist, you can place the outline of an animal or even an insect. Very well look bunnies, kittens, ladybugs or bees. They can be as black and white as well as colored. The main thing is that the tattoo does not look "heavy" for such a place, because a woman's wrist is very thin and delicate.

Before you put a picture of animals on yourself, familiarize yourself with their meanings. After all, most likely, this tattoo will remain with you for life.

The representatives of fauna are not inferior and tattoos of plant origin. A very trendy trend now is the image of live plants. Tattoo-master takes a flower or a leaf, dips it in paint and puts it on the client's skin. Then he stuffs the tattoo on the received "stencil". "Renowned" masters can make an image of photographic quality. The picture will look as if alive.

White tattoos

Tattoo of white color.

This type, perhaps, is the most feminine. Such a tattoo looks very gentle. It is especially good to do it on a dark skin, as not pale it will be little noticeable. However, masters go on the sly. They shade the white paint along the contour with grey or black. It turns out a peculiar 3D effect, as if a white tattoo casts a shadow.

White tattoos are very sophisticated. But over time they can change color. Often they turn yellow or pink. Therefore, if you want to get such a "mark", be prepared that you will have to go more often for correction.

Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoo

If you really like to decorate your body, but you doubt that you want to leave a "mark" on it for life, use temporary tattoos.

Do you remember how when we were kids we used to transfer various pictures onto our skin? Since then, the technology has not changed. However, modern translatable tattoos have become much better quality. You are sure to enjoy a variety of drawings. At the peak of popularity - gold or silver tattoos.

The undoubted disadvantage of these tattoos - their short-lived. After a couple of days the drawing starts to "fade" and "roll off". But, this disadvantage can be considered an advantage! After all, you can change the drawings on your body to suit your mood though every day. Temporary tattoos are in particular demand in the summer by the sea. On the beaches we open our tanned body to the maximum, so it would be desirable to decorate it with a pattern.

Henna tattoos


Another alternative to the standard tattoo - henna. This substance was brought to us from India. There henna decorates itself almost every girl. They do it for all holidays and celebrations. Young girls apply henna to attract the attention of potential suitors. In India, it is believed that mehendi (so called henna painting) brings good luck and drives away evil spirits.

The tattoo is applied with a cone containing a liquid mixture of henna powder and water. The master makes the drawings, and then you have to wait for the "boltushka" to dry completely. Then it is rinsed under running water or with a sponge with vegetable oil. For the first couple of hours, the mehendi may startle you with a bright orange color. But then it darkens, taking on a noble chocolate hue.

It lasts on the skin from one to two weeks. To prolong the life of your mehendi, follow some simple rules:

  • The tattoo place should be in less contact with water;
  • Do not use harsh detergents or alkaline bathing products;
  • Do not rub the mehendi skin with a washcloth;
  • Avoid saunas and swimming pools.

Tattoo care

It is very important to choose a good tattoo artist. If you will do the tattoo by a real professional, you should have no problems with the process of skin healing.

  • After the figure will be printed on your body, the master will apply a healing ointment with an antibacterial effect. Depending on the size of the drawing, it will have to be worn from four to ten hours.
  • The first time the tattoo should be washed very carefully, without the use of aggressive soaps and sponges, as they can irritate and traumatize the skin. After washing, gently blot the moisture with a towel, do not rub! The cleansing procedure should be repeated several times a day.
  • Under no circumstances treat the tattoo with alcohol or alcohol-containing solutions, it is strictly forbidden!
  • Over time, a crust of crusts will form on the drawing from the suds. With it you need to lead the seed as carefully as possible. It should not be torn off or peeled off. A little more time will pass, and it will come off by itself.
  • The master will definitely advise you what ointment you need to smear on the tattoo place after washing. Most often it is "Putnetenol" or "Bepanten". They form a kind of protective foam on the surface, and also contribute to faster healing.
  • For the first few weeks, avoid visiting baths, saunas and gyms. Do not sunbathe in a tanning bed or take sunbaths outdoors. Be sure to protect the tattoo place with the clothes during summertime.
  • Be sure to avoid alcohol in the first weeks after your visit to the tattoo parlor.

Tattoo care


Remember that not everyone is allowed to get tattoos. There are a number of contraindications that will make the process impossible.

  • Diabetes mellitus is a direct contraindication to tattooing. You yourself know that on your body, even the smallest wounds do not heal well.
  • Allergy. A reaction to any of the components of the paint can be unforeseen and deplorable. Be sure to warn the master before work that you are allergic. Perhaps you will just have to pick up pigments with a different, more gentle composition, and do not have to give up the very idea of a tattoo.
  • Skin diseases. If you suffer, for example, from psoriasis or any other skin diseases, then a course in a tattoo-salon to you closed. At the beginning will have to heal, wait another couple of months to improve their health, and then already beat a picture.
  • Problems with blood clotting will be a serious obstacle. As with high blood sugar, the wounds will bleed a lot.
  • Cancer and HIV also rule out tattoos.

Even something as seemingly small as a weakened immune system can play tricks on you. The tattoo site will take much longer to heal. The pigment may "take up" unevenly, "float", scars will form on the skin. You will blame the sloppiness of the master, but in fact you won't suspect they were in the wrong. Before getting a tattoo take care to improve the protective barrier of your body. Take a course of vitamins, pass a general blood test at the clinic.

It is unacceptable to apply such drawings to people suffering from mental disorders and epilepsy. In general, beware of masters, who are not interested in your health condition before the procedure. Such "self-taught" are clearly far from professionalism and can seriously harm you.

Pregnant and nursing women are also better to refrain from tattooing. Wait a little to protect yourself and your baby.

Think a hundred times before you do a tattoo on a trip. Even if you will be fascinated by the traditions or beauties of an exotic country, your emotions may soon subside. And the drawing will stay with you forever. Besides in resort areas most often tattoos are done in artisanal conditions, without observance of the proper sanitary norms. At least - you will suffer from unprofessionalism of the master and get a crooked contour and lines, and at most - catch a serious illness.

The best ideas for tattoos on the wrist in black and white ink

Tattoo, as with any fine art, has its fashion trends, so before you get a tattoo, decide in what style it will be done. Choosing a tattoo girl in the first place must pay attention not to the beauty of the picture itself, but to its meaning and relatively small size, because the tattoo on the wrist provides a relatively small drawing, inscription or sign. The most proven and classic option is a black and white tattoo. A drawing on the wrist of a girl, made in this style, is a good complement to any image that the owner wishes to create. Black and white tones allow you to deeply penetrate into the message of the image to understand its main idea. Smooth thin lines on the girl's wrist look beautiful and neat. White tattoos are one of the best options for women. Lace drawings are barely visible on the girl's body, and that's why it creates a visual illusion that the picture is intertwined with the skin, or, even, is under it. The color of the tattoo should not differ much from the skin tone of the girl. White tattoos are less visible than regular colored or black tattoos, but on tanned skin they will be perfectly visible and accentuate.

Tattoo Inscriptions

In contrast to the images, the inscriptions have a special meaning and significance for each person. Perhaps the most common choice for a tattoo is a favorite quote or motivational phrase.

And it does not necessarily have to be written in the native language. Sometimes they are translated into a more complex foreign language. Such tattoos fully reflect a person's state of mind and their aspirations in life.

Some people put on the wrist a memorable date, the name of a loved one or the first letter of his name. Each of these options looks in its own interesting way.

Tattoo on the wrist for girls: the best ideas in color

Most often, colored tattoos are used to create any complex drawings, in which an important part is to highlight the smallest details with the help of contrasts of colors and in general bright colors. When using different colors, the master opens up a whole new range of possibilities, which he can apply in creating a whole masterpiece on the girl's body. But do not forget that you intend to put a tattoo on a sufficiently small area of the hand, the options in this arrangement become less. Colored tattoos are usually used when applying flowers or representatives of the animal world to the hand. 3D tattoo is a relatively new way of tattooing on human skin. The colored design can be presented in the form of colored shimmering, inscriptions or three-dimensional pictures.

Tattoos in the form of a bracelet

The original way to decorate the wrist is a tattoo in the form of a thin bracelet. Such a picture is considered a strong amulet, which protects its owner from adverse events.

To make it more original, you can add various elements. For example, a feather, a scattering of flowers, elegant pendants. This pattern looks very stylish, but it remains laconic.

More daring girls choose bracelets with a larger diameter.

The best ideas of pseudo tattoos on the wrist

As mentioned earlier, the area where the tattoo will be applied is relatively sensitive, and the skin is thin. Because of this, the procedure does not promise to be the most enjoyable in a girl's life. To achieve a good result, you will have to suffer a little, but it will be worth it. During the process of applying the tattoo you may have a burning or numb hand, do not be afraid - this is normal. For girls who can not decide if they want tattoos or not, provided a great option - temporary tattoos. When applying such a tattoo on the skin of an insecure girl uses henna, which is a natural dye. Tattoo masters do not consider it a real tattoo, but jokingly call it "drawing." This procedure is completely safe, it will not harm your skin in any way. Temporary tattoo lasts about two weeks, after which it completely disappears from the girl's skin.

The best ideas henna tattoo on the wrist

With the use of henna on the skin you can transfer any pattern. Having a ready-made sketch, the procedure can be carried out by your own efforts at home, but if you, as such, have no experience, it is better not to take the risk. Natural henna has some positive aspects:

  • It will not harm your skin in any way.
  • The image can be applied anywhere on the body.
  • The procedure is quite quick and painless.
  • After the procedure, there is no sticky substance left in the place of the drawing.

If properly cared for the temporary tattoo, it will last on your skin for two weeks. Special popularity of this type of tattoos found in India with the newlyweds. Before the wedding, the bride and groom get a drawing from the elbow and finish it on the fingertips. Also such tattoos are actively used in the film industry, when according to the idea of the film the actor should be covered with various tattoos.

Interesting drawing ideas for active girls

More recently, the trends of 2021 included interesting drawings as tattoos: an image or the name of your favorite city, a map of the world, a drawing of an airplane. These tattoos are more suitable for girls who are actively travelling and they want to leave on their body a piece of the path that they overcame during their travels around the world. Such tattoos do not go unnoticed. Because it looks really modern and original.

Tattoos on the wrist of a girl have long ceased to cause surprise to others. However, thanks to a variety of styles, drawings and fashion solutions that we can provide experienced tattoo masters, every girl can create herself, though a small, but very original and memorable tattoo on the wrist.

Tattoo in the form of animals and birds

Also, like flowers, each bird has a different meaning. Tattoo with the image of a dove is an indicator of love and femininity, as well as peace, loyalty and strong spirit.

Drawing an owl means wisdom and intelligence, as well as loneliness.

Often girls choose the hummingbird pattern, which radiates love of life, as well as grace, beauty and the desire for freedom.

Such an animal as a fox suits girls who want to emphasize their sexuality, playfulness. In many countries, this image is associated with a particular mystery and even eroticism. However, more often the meaning of the symbol is singled out: independence, ingenuity and ingenuity.

The image of a whale as a tattoo is still treated ambiguously. Some argue that it is a symbol of death, a symbol of misfortune, while others believe it symbolizes peace of mind and equilibrium. Others believe that it symbolizes peace of mind, poise and reaching the top. So everyone chooses the most appropriate for themselves meaning of such an image.

The bear is a symbol of power, courage and fortitude. In turn, the bear has a slightly different meaning: caring and motherhood. However, when choosing such a drawing, it is necessary to study in detail every detail, as this can change the meaning.

The drawing of a butterfly always looks very light, airy and gentle. But at the same time, its meaning is not so unambiguous. It was originally thought that the butterfly was a symbol of change and transformation. In many countries, it symbolizes longevity, beauty and happiness. However, in some countries the butterfly means a girl of easy virtue.


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