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Now it is difficult to find any celebrity who would not decorate her body with tattoos. So Olga Buzova is no exception. She does not hide her drawings on the body and openly shows them to her subscribers in Instagram, but what is the reaction of the followers to such frankness of the girl, has already become known to the media.

TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova does not lag behind fashion. The girl has several tattoos, about the meaning of which she told the journalists.

What do the tattoos mean to Olga?

tattoo of buzova

Olga admits that each sign and inscription on her body is a significant event, which is stored in the tattoo. Buzova Olga always manages to disguise the inscriptions well, hiding them under her clothes or hair, so it is impossible to see them properly.

For Olga, they are not just fashion drawings that young people and stars mindlessly stab on their skin. Buzova's tattoos, photos of which are in our article, are chosen wisely. The girl believes that the chosen drawing affects the entire subsequent life. She advises everyone to take seriously the choice of their own body jewelry.

Olga Buzova tattoos, the singer does not want to remove the photo with her ex-husband

Olga Buzova recently told in one of her interviews that she does not want to erase all memories of her ex-husband Dmitry Tarasov. The girl in her Instagram left all joint photos and videos with the soccer player.

She explained that she couldn't just erase everything after six years of being together, that she couldn't erase Dima from her life anyway. Nevertheless, Olya does not live in the past, she let go of this man long ago and is ready to move on and change her life for the better.

2017 was an extremely busy year for the soloist. She gained popularity not only as the star of the program "Dom-2", but also as a performer of musical compositions. The singer starred in commercials, performed on stage, despite the criticism of detractors.

The singer often recalls her feelings for the athlete. She says that she truly loved Dmitry until he killed them by constantly cheating on her with others. The soloist is not going to delete joint photos from social networks, although the footballer is married to the model Anastasia Kostenko. But Olya Buzova herself still can not find her other half.

Stars on the foot

tattoo of buzova photo

Five stars on her ankle is Buzova's first tattoo. The photo (on the girl's leg you can clearly see the location of the stars), in which Olga demonstrates the drawing, says nothing about its content. The TV host herself says that the first star was drawn to her at the age of twenty-four.

She would not reveal the meaning of the picture even to those closest to her, worried that her luck would run out. The only thing Olga told is that the stars aspire upward, like herself. In fact, this is her characteristic: she also never sits still, but constantly moves to higher stages of her career.

Olga Buzova


The star of the project "Dom-2" dreamed of a tattoo back in her school years, but her mother strongly resisted the idea, so she managed to get a tattoo only in university. The five stars on her ankle, signifying the pursuit through thorns to the stars, was tattooed on her by an American specialist who had worked with Pink in the past. Buzova also has a tattoo on her lower back, but the socialite has never shown it.

The inscription on her back

Tattoo of Buzova photo on her back

Buzova's tattoo (photo on the back) for a long time no one could read it. Olga purposely covered the inscription with a mop of hair, and was photographed so that no one could fully see the content of the phrase.

There was speculation in social networks, but no consensus was reached. The TV hostess took pity on her fans and told what was written on the back herself. Buzova's tattoo is Love lives in my heart, no need to be a polyglot to translate the inscription. "Love lives in my heart" is an inscription for her husband to always be sure that Olga loves him. It is for him that she made such an inscription.

Buzova Olga's tattoo on the back is written in a very gentle and beautiful handwriting. This filigree drawing looks perfect on the beautiful back of the girl.

How many tattoos Olga Buzova has and what they mean

The singer, who many Russians consider stupid and uneducated, earned 48 million rubles just from advertising in social networks

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TV host and singer Olga Buzova is known for her predilection for tattoos. The media found out in detail how many of them the performer has and what each of them means.

The girl got her first tattoo back in 2010. It was five stars on the outer side of her shin. According to Olga, the meaning of this image is that you should give one hundred percent in life.

It's a pity that what your existence was to me was not my existence for you. Once again, on an old wasteland, I launch my copper penny, topped with a coat of arms, into the wire space in a desperate attempt to exalt the moment of connection... Alas, he who cannot replace the whole world is usually left to spin the brittle telephone dial, like a table at a séance, until the ghost echoes the final shriek of the buzzer in the night. #brodsky ❤️ #home? #day3

Publication from Olga Buzova (@buzova86) Jan 14, 2021 at 12:29 PST

The second tattoo turned out to be dedicated to the TV hostess' ex-husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov. The tattoo was made when the couple had not yet managed to formalize the relationship and was in the romantic phase of courting. In love, Olga asked the master to write the inscription on her back in English: Love lives in my heart, which means "Love lives in my heart".

Publication from Olga Buzova (@buzova86)Dec 3, 2021 at 5:50 PST

After the wedding, the couple made symmetrical tattoos on their arms: Olga's wrist was decorated with her husband's initials and the date of the wedding, and Dmitry did the same, putting his wife's initials on it, reports Life.

?? You know all about sex, but not about love ?L #wifi#changeyouwillget?

Publication from Olga Buzova (@buzova86) Dec 24, 2021 at 8:01 PST

Breaking up was hard for Buzova, so when on New Year's Eve she published a photo on Instagram with a black bandage on her arm, fans immediately decided that the girl removed the tattoo, which reminds her too much of a past relationship.

Photo: social networks

The rumors were also fueled by the fact that later the TV hostess deleted this photo for some reason.

Nevertheless, judging from Olga's latest publications from Thailand, the girl kept all her tattoos.

Waiting intensifies the pleasure? #day7

Publication from Olga Buzova (@buzova86) Jan 17, 2021 at 10:20 PST

Many commenters consider Buzova not too intellectual and educated. In their opinion, she is capable of making unimaginable bloopers at the most inopportune moments. Nevertheless, as of February 2018, Buzova earned 48 million rubles only on advertising in social networks for the second half of 2021. This income allowed her to rest in Thailand on a wide footing, renting a villa for 100 thousand dollars a day.

According to experts, Buzova is now among the top five highest-paid Russian stars and video bloggers.

Victoria Fomenko

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What do the letters on the wrist mean?

Tattoo of Buzova photo on her leg

On the inside of the wrist adorns the latest tattoo of Buzova. Initially, in general, it is not clear what is written or drawn there. Everything was done in Olga's style - so that no one could guess about the contents of the drawing.

For a long time only Olga and her husband Dmitry understood the picture. But one day the girl shared this secret with everyone. It turns out that the first letters of their names - "D" and "O" - are depicted on her arm. The tattoo was made on the anniversary of the couple's acquaintance. Thus, the TV hostess gave her lover a surprise in response to his gift.

It all started on Olga's birthday, when her husband pleased her with his new tattoo, where the first letters of their names and the date of their wedding were also written.

Olga says that initially she also wanted to write the date of their acquaintance or wedding, but she decided that numbers and dates on a woman's wrist were rude and tasteless. She stopped at writing letters, and Dmitry appreciated his wife's new jewelry.

Recently, fans saw that Olga wears a bandage on the wrist of her right hand. It turned out that the girl had brought the letters off her skin, because she and Dmitry broke up.


Buzova has tattoos on both wrists, they were made for love, but at different times and for different partners. There are two letters "O" and "D" drawn on the right hand - Olga and Dmitri (former spouse).

It looks like an intertwining of two names, lives and destinies. Thus, Buzova responded to the tattoo of a young man, who inscribed the girl's name and the date of their wedding on his arm.

According to the girl, she thus wanted to show tenderness and love for her husband. Olga did not inscribe numbers, considering that they would look rude on a woman's hand.

After the breakup, Dmitri changed the drawing to an hourglass. Olga did not get rid of the "reminder" of the former relationship. She still has a tattoo on her arm, but she hides it under bracelets, bandages.

The left wrist has an infinity sign. The tattoo is recent and refers to Olga's present relationship with David Manukyan, the same pattern is on the young man's arm. The difference is that Dava has the girl's name inscribed and encased in a heart.

The sign is trivial, but the couple thus characterized their love for each other.

Who was the author of the first tattoo?

Olga recently told about the man who gave her her first tattoo. It turns out that he was a professional master from New York, who personally "painted" Angelina Jolie and Pink.

This titled artist gave up everything he had to do in the States especially for Olga, and flew all the way to Russia to have the stars "shine" on her leg.

Olga says that she consciously chose the drawing, and in general, got a tattoo. Buzova likes her body drawings, and she is happy to show them in front of photographic lenses. She does not immediately tell their meaning, but she never tortures her fans for a long time.


Her first tattoo appeared in 2010. She has dreamed of drawing on her body since childhood, but didn't decide to do it until she was 24. At that time she was already a well-known personality, she had participated in the project and then worked as a presenter. She was the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Reality World. Dom-2."

The tattoo, in the form of 5 stars, is located in the lower part of her right leg. For a long time, Olga did not disclose its meaning, which led to numerous versions. It has been suggested that the drawing symbolizes the success and rich life that Buzova received from the popular project. She has achieved popularity, the love of fans, can afford expensive vacations in the best hotels. But, all these versions were wrong.

In one interview, the girl let it slip, noting that the tattoo is a reminder of the goals that need to be achieved. It is not allowed to relax along the way, it is necessary to make every effort for great success. At the same time, she did not disclose what peaks she wants to take, so as not to scare away good luck.

Buzova noted that she got the tattoo from a famous master from America, who worked with the stars of his country - Angelina Jolie, Pink. For the work with Olga, he personally came from New York to Moscow.

Some journalists saw this tattoo as a magical symbol that, in their opinion, helped the girl achieve popularity. Such an assumption Buzova did not comment in any way.

Is Buzova going to do more tattoos?

Olga Buzova does not yet know whether she will still do drawings on her body. She says that if an event comes up that she would like to remember, she would gladly do a tattoo.

The girl notes that there are many places on her body where she would like to make another drawing, but so far there are no suitable events.

Generally, tattoos for stars are part of their image, just like high stilettos or sneakers, beautiful dresses or tracksuits, hair and makeup. With these small nuances our favorite actors, singers or TV hosts become recognizable personalities.

Olga Buzova is careful with every inscription. Her style is minimalism and romance. She is airy and delicate, so it is difficult to imagine a girl with rough tattoos, such as wolves, snakes or just abstractions.

Let's wait for the appearance of new signs on the body of the anchorwoman. They will tell us that there is a new joyful event in the girl's life.

Tattoos of Olga Buzova, the indignation of subscribers

Recently in her Instagram, Olga Buzova published a new video for her followers, in which she shows her body covered entirely with tattoos.

The girl wanted to show everyone her perfect figure, but her subscribers paid more attention not to her flat stomach, but to her arms and legs, which are all tattooed.

In the comments began a heated discussion. Some subscribers began to criticize Olga, while others defended her from criticism and tried to support her.

The tattoos were actually made with henna. But moreover, some did not like the fact that the tattoos are permanent, because even if they are temporary, they disfigured Buzova's body.

"I hope it's all temporary", "Olga had a better opinion of you( Such attraction of Tarasov's attention, looks very stupid", "Cool. It looks beautiful", "You do not understand, you are stuck in the last century it seems! very graceful looks", "God, take her to marry", "And why so little henna? Should have dipped her head more, maybe it would be better!", - began to argue Buzova's followers.

Paired tattoo with Manukyan

The singer's newest tattoo was done the other day in Thailand. Olga spent the first days of her well-deserved vacation alone, but a little later she was joined by her lover - blogger and musician David Manukyan. As their mutual acquaintances say, the couple is definitely at the stage of the confetti-bouquet period. This has also been noticed by the celebrities' fans according to their Instagram accounts.

And here is the latest news from the same social network - Olga Buzova and David Manukyan made a paired tattoo on the wrist. The sketch served as a rather trivial sign of infinity. The inverted figure of eight means eternity. In this case, the musicians so characterized their eternal love.

The tattoos were done right in Thailand. Olya and Dava hastened to please their fans with their updates and posted a photo of their hands against the sky. Manukyan even added a caption to the photo: "Love is..." We can only rejoice for the lovers and wish them truly eternal love.

Hayden Panettiere


Hayden is very pretty, but is her tattoo so pretty? It says "Vivereza senza rimipianti," which is Italian for "To live without regrets. There's just one problem: The word "rimpianti" is misspelled here. Hayden says that this is done intentionally in order to bring freshness and novelty to the expression. Right, of course.

Kat Von D


So how do you make a list like this and not mention the gorgeous tattoo artist Kat Von D? She has tattoos practically everywhere - and yet none of them spoil her. Sure, a lot of guys are disgusted by tattoos, but Kat probably doesn't care about that, especially since she apparently already has a boyfriend.

Eva Longoria


Apparently, this is the saddest case on our list: most of Eva's tattoos recall her relationship with basketball player Tony Parker and her marriage to him. She even had the number 9 tattooed on her neck, Tony's number on the team. When he cheated on Eva and it led to a breakup - she removed the tattoo symbolizing their marriage from her wrist. Eva has other tattoos, and they look so natural on her body, as if she was born with them.


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