Full hand tattoo like a glove meaning. Tattoo of boxing and boxing gloves. What does a tattoo in the form of boxing gloves mean

Imagine that you walked into a tattoo parlor and you were offered several options to choose from. And among them - the boxing gloves. Such an image to an uninitiated person will seem at first glance too specific. But is it so?

In tattoo parlors, masters offer many drawings with different subjects. Often, according to the average person, they are completely unsuitable for images in the form of a tattoo. The symbolism of boxing gloves is intuitively associated with the world of sports. However, this is not its only interpretation.

Meaning in the world

Although the progenitor of boxing (fist fights) dates back several millennia, the sport did not appear in its modern form until 1867 in England. The Marquis of Queensberry, together with John Graham Chambers, a member of the Athletic Club, drew up a set of rules for the amateur championship. It included a clause about gloves - their size, appearance and purpose. Since then, boxing gloves became a symbol of boxing. And because they were originally practiced only by the higher social classes (gentlemen), the first tattoos depicting the boxing attribute were perceived as "armed to the teeth gallantry".

Over time, boxing became available to literally everyone, even women. Along with this integration, the meanings of tattoos expanded as well. However, they still primarily symbolize belonging to the sport and are applied:

  • Athletes;
  • trainers;
  • Boxing fans.

Another variant of meaning that fans of such tattoos invest is the will to fight and the determination to defend their beliefs. It is often associated with aggression and a willingness to hold ground by any means. Many tattoo owners are committed to a national message.

Days of Grace

In addition to communist leaders, Tyson also pays tribute to lesser-known people who fought for bright ideals.

One such is Arthur Ashe.

At one time he was quite a popular tennis champion. In addition to his athletic career, he was involved in social issues. Arthur founded the Anti-AIDS Foundation, which he called "Days of Grace."

He and his team helped many people who had been struck by the disease. In honor of him, Mike Tyson decided to get a tattoo on his left shoulder. Above the portrait of the figure is the inscription "Days of Grace".

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The symbol in different countries

Choosing a picture, especially for the open part of the body, you should consider the attitude towards such images in different parts of the world:

  • In England, considered the birthplace of modern boxing, the drawing of boxing gloves on the body will be perceived as a direct indication of belonging to the sport.
  • In most European countries and in the U.S., any body image is treated quite calmly - as just another accessory. Here every second person has a tattoo and all pictures are allowed except nazi symbols.
  • Peoples professing the Koran prefer not to defame the body given by the creator - the only exception may be quotations from the holy book.
  • In Japan, a sharply negative attitude towards tattoos in general has developed - people with images on their bodies are not allowed to work in state institutions and to bathe in public places. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the tattoo is considered an indispensable accessory of Yakuza representatives.

For most people in Oceania, Africa and South America, tattoos have had sacred, protective and even therapeutic meanings for thousands of years. In these parts of the world the image of boxing gloves symbolizes the willingness to stand up for themselves and unyielding will to win.

Meaning of tattoos for girls

Although boxing until recently was considered a purely male sport, even some members of the weaker sex choose such a drawing to stuff it on the open part of the body. This can mean several things:

  • The girl does boxing and prefers to show off her skills to everyone around her.
  • The girl's favorite person is directly related to this sport: he is a boxer or a trainer.
  • Independence and willingness to fight, determination to go all the way and freedom from stereotypes - all these qualities can be expressed by the main attribute of boxing.

More often than not, a tattoo in girls is still a decoration. However, the choice of an unusual pattern in the form of gloves, undoubtedly, indicates that in front of you - a bold and decisive person.

Che Guevara tattoo on the torso

Another discussed Mike Tyson tattoo is a portrait of a Marxist revolutionary. The boxer decided to capture the iconic personality on his torso. The man explained his choice of sketch: the champion confessed that Che Guevara inspires him, he did a lot for others. Mike Tyson called Che Guevara a sacrificial figure.

What Che Guevara's portrait means to Mike:

  • Agreement with the views of the iconic figure;
  • affirmation of the complex character of both the revolutionary and the boxer;
  • admiration for Che Guevara.

Mike Tyson tattoo

The celebrity confessed that he wants to cover his entire body with tattoos. He chooses new sketches.

The meaning of tattoos for men

By nature, members of the stronger sex must be leaders - in fact they are created by nature as a support and protection for their families and loved ones. And this implies the presence of a number of qualities:

  • confidence in their abilities;
  • determination;
  • courage;
  • the will to win;
  • Willingness to fight (not only externally, but also internally).

That is why many men, even those who have nothing to do with sports, imprint a picture of boxing gloves with the aim, if not to acquire, then to strengthen all of these character traits.

If in the picture the attribute of boxing is hung on a nail, it means that the owner of the tattoo has already withdrawn from business and is not engaged in sports. The presence of inscriptions and numbers denoting the year can symbolize past achievements and sports victories.

Tattoo on the shoulder in the form of a portrait of Mao Tse Tung

On the forearm of Mike's right arm there is a portrait of Mao Zedong. The man studied in detail the biography of the Chinese leader. The famous personality developed the theories of Maoism. The boxer believes that the revolutionary gives him strength in the ring. Before the fight, Mike tells himself that he will fight with the help of Mao's spirit.

Mike became acquainted with the leader's biography while in prison. The man studied Mao's treatises. Jedong's ideas and outlook inspired the boxer to get a tattoo in honor of the revolutionary.

Mike Tyson tattoo

Location and color

In most cases, fans of the original tattoo prefer to stuff it on the visible parts of the body: the shoulder or forearm. This is also due to the size of the image - for a large figure there is enough space. And in the warm season he will be visible almost always.

Nevertheless, variations are possible:

  • a small tattoo is placed on the wrist;
  • a large brightly colored pattern on the back or chest;
  • Very rarely - on the neck, stomach or legs.

If until recently boxing gloves tattoos were printed only in black and white, then with the development of technology the image began to be colored, giving volume and depth. Most often, for images used style "old school" (old school) - bright colors with a bold black outline.

Meaning in sports

Most professional wrestlers make tattoos, giving them symbolic meanings and drawing in the "combat coloring" the will to win:

  • Anastasia Yankova (Thai boxing) - images of a dragon girl and a carp climbing a waterfall;
  • Nikita Krylov (sambo, karate, etc.) - labarum, cross of Constantine on a shield;
  • Valery Myasnikov (mixed martial arts) - Michael the Archangel kills a demon;
  • Alexander Volkov (mixed martial arts) - stingray with animals inside;
  • Vladislav Tuinov (kickboxing) - an eagle and the logo of his home sports school.

Still, in most cases, a tattoo is just a piece of jewelry that is subject to the same surge of fashion as other accessories. However, unlike them, you will not be able to change it so easily. And so - carefully familiarize yourself with the meanings of various tattoos.


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